Pls help whats wrong

ok looks like its getting worst flushed after using MG blue powder didnt see any difference looks like its getting worst so i transplanted in new seedling soil didnt rinse dirt off roots just removed most of it by hand even new leafs are coming yellow…what can i do this is my first successful one growing dont have any PH tester yet using tap water i did notice when i transplanted that roots are very long is it time for bigger pot…what can i do to save this plant

The tap water is likely a considerable contributor to your problem, I’d invest in a few gallons of distilled water, at about 99 cents a gallon it is a very cheap short term fix until you get something to test your pH with, a digital meter, test drops/strips, or both so you can kind of verify accuracy, they are not that expensive and well worth the money if it helps guarantee a successful grow.

Ok will pick up couple of gallons tomorrow thks for quick response

it won’t be the complete fix, you will want to get a EC/TDS meter and pH meter as soon as possible. You can find TDS meters that reads well above 999PPM for about $10 on e-bay or amazon, and you can find a decent digital pH pen for under $20.

Will the distilled water help until payday… lol… Friday and should I transplant in bigger pot with fresh soil was going to put in 5 gallon with fox farm on bottom MG in middle and seedling soil on top

The distilled water will help, be it a pH issue or nutrient salt build up in the soil issue.

Distilled water should almost always be right at 7.0 for pH. However, distilled water can also run a little towards the acidic, like 6.5, with just a little aeration, but either way it will certainly help get your pH a lot closer to where you want to be instead of continuing to drive it towards the alkali with hard tap water that probably has a pH of 7.5-8.0.

Also the minerals in the hard water, they don’t go away when the water gets used up, so the soil can build up even much more alkali than what the tap water is at, just an FYI, your soil could have been pretty bad. Changing the soil should help too, and if you plan on growing in soil, a decent soil pH probe might be a good idea as well.

It kinda looks like over watering also when you transplanted were the roots soaking wet maybe? If so cut back on the water



Yeah when I pulled out of pot they were kind of wet and when I put in new seedling soil I did not add any water… this morning plant is standing straight and not leaning like in pic…pls anymore advice keep them coming

just keep doing what you are maybe give her a sip later just a sip she dose have to have her water. What I did with mine was to take my fingers and message the root ball and got most of the mud off then placed her back into clean soil with 1/4 tsp of Super Thrive 1/4 tsp of Root Stimulator and 1/4 tsp of Hydrogen Proxide in one gal of water I almost killed 33 plants.

and in two more weeks though plants will be in HARVEST


Will do thinking of transplanting to 5 gallon this weekend with fox farm on bottom MG mc in middle seedling soil on top

Ok, just use some root shock or root stimulator with some hydrogen proxcide and you’ll be fine mix 1/4 tsp ea. in gal of water