These are 2 separate plants.

Looks like probably pH or nutrient issues. You need to find out what the pH is at the root zone of the plant. You can do this with a probe/rod pH meter and get the probe into the soil where most of the roots would be, be careful not to poke it into and damage the tap root. Or you can use a digital pH pen and test some of the runoff right after watering. It should be ideally at around 5.8 to 6.5 depending on if you are using soils or soil-less media(aka hydro). These are the ideal target ranges of 5.8 for hydro and 6.5 for soil.

Thanks I just bought a meter and they both have ph of 5.0 and I used Fox farm organic soil. How can I fix it?

Look into dolomite garden lime. Probably the fine powdered stuff. You can get it at most garden supply outlets and the big box hardware stores. It should have directions that come with it on how to use it. I don’t grow in soil really. So maybe Latewood can chime in here, but I think if you add like 2 tbs of it per gallon of water and water them with this, you can kind of flush the soil until the run-off reads 6.5

Do you add nutrients occasionally during watering? Because you will probably want to add nutrients the watering after this flush as some nutrients stored in the soil will be lost with a good flush. When intentionally flushing old salts out of the soil you can run as much water through as about three times the volume of soil for a thorough flush.

Exactly MacG. I believe it is called pulverized Dolomitic lime. about 3 bucks at any garden center.

Very surprised by a PH of 5.0 using Foxfarm. hmmm Wonder how that happened.

Thanks a lot! I got the lime and the ph up to 6 today so hopefully they will get back to being healthy. My sativa big leaves are all turning very light green to yellow from the bottom up its that ph related too? I used sunleaves Jamaican bat guano and organic potassium that is 0_0_50

What could’ve brought my ph down? I use tap water but since this has been happening I use the Brita filter for my babies.

If you used 0-0-50; You added no Nitrogen-no phosphate;-50% potassium=Yellow-yellow-yellow