pH runoff under 6! Please help!

Hey everyone, I had a quick question regarding how I can bring my pH up, so I can use nutrients! I watered my plants with a pH of 7 to try and bring it up from 5, but it has still stayed the same for the past week and I can’t seem to figure out how to do so. My plants just got flipped to 12/12 light cycle! Please let me know!

More water at ph7 (if you are in soil)
That’s going to bring it up


I’m in ProMix BX and my first true runoff test today
Straight distilled water at 6.1 Ph
Runoff 5.8 Ph
I agree with @Fever more 7.0!

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You could lightly till the top of your soil with a plastic fork and sprinkle some dolomite Lyme on top and then work it into the soil then water with your 7.0 PH. The dolomite Lyme should help raise the PH of your soil.


I have a little update guys! So I watered the plants and finally got the pH to around 6.2. I decided to feed it nutes and I made sure to have the nutes pH at 6.4, but when I watered them, their pH runoff was actually 5.3. I don’t know what I did wrong, can anyone help? @Jmesser80 @hillbilly103 @Fever

Make sure your meter is accurate

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You didn’t nescesarily do anything wrong. It just means the PH at your root zone is lower than the water going in. It could take a few watering to bring it up where you want it.
You could flush your soil as well if you wanted to get the PH of your root zone higher. To do this you would need to prepare 3 times the amount of water as there is soil (I.E. if using 5 gallon buckets you would flush with 15 gallons of water) you would PH your water up to the desired level and flush the plant out with the water until your runoff becomes the desired PH level.

I personally don’t like to flush as it is a lot of wasted water. What brand of soil are you using?

If it were me your next watering PH your water and nutes up to 7.0 and water them measure the runoff. It
Might take a few waterings to bring the PH up at the root zone.

Thanks for the advice guys! @Fever Also @Jmesser80, I am using Fox Farm! I’ll make sure to try getting the roots pH up!