Please tell me it's a swollen calyx

Outdoor Girlscout Cookies Xtrm Photo
It’s in the middle of flower and I noticed this morning.

I’m very sorry

Bag and tag that sucker
It a straight up dude

Looks like you caught it early
Do you have more plants I hope?

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They call that there a nanner tree. (Male)

Sorry for your loss.

Yup, @Mr_Wormwood has ya covered. That’s a bunch of nanners.

Is it the same plant with the flowers in the background? If so, this is the 4th topic in 5 days of GSCE either herming or just producing seeds. First one about photos, though, others have been autos. Mine seeded with no signs of herm, next to one with no herm that is not producing seeds. Both GSCE autos. Ive begun wondering if there is a genetic issue with the GSCE.

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Well it has to be a herm because it’s just that one spot and has tons of flower already. Can I just pluck it carefully? I have a few more plants outside with it

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That I can’t answer. I’m still new. I would imagine if it in the middle of flower, it is probably going to produce more and they’ll get harder to notice as the plant develops. Really wish I had an answer. Most of the replies have been from way more experienced growers and I tend to go with that. I was thinking of maybe contacting ILGM, wasn’t sure of it.


Well my bad, I didn’t notice the flowers, all I saw were balls in my face, so yeah, herm not straight up dude after all
Not that that makes it any better
Sure you can cut/pluck them but he’s right it will be a constant battle and you risk the other girls getting pollenated

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Could one mason jar up some pollon and keep it for future projects? How long would the pollon keep?
Im thinking of doing some crossing in a few years.

I don’t think I’d want the pollen from a line so prone to turning hermaphrodite.

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I wonder if the ruderalis genetics automatically switching them shocks them or something. The calyxes where the seeds that have been developing on mine have already started opening, but the seeds are barely developed. I don’t, however, wonder if I’m going to buy this strain again. I’m lost on what to get next.