Please help yellowing leaves and tip burn

Please help. My plants have yellowing leaves a slight tip burn. I haven’t fed them anything yet so thinking this is the problem. Didn’t want to got start too early.

looks to me like you might have a nitrogen deficiency. See if @Aquaponic_Dumme or @Hammer chime in on this one they might know for sure.:cactus:

They look pretty dry I think you just need a pH and water


Thanks. They was watered last night and are still moist under the surface so don’t want to over water them

Do you have your nute’s feeding schedule.

I’m going to use the canna range and was going to use their feeding scheduel for growing in coco. Any advice is much appreciated.

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What there giving you for veg I would go no more then a 1/4 of what it says. So if it calls for 1 tsp per gallon of water just use 1/4 tsp.You don’t want to go to heavy on the nute’s , but coca does not have any nute’s in it so you’ve been surviving on what the plant had from seed.

I take it they are ready for a feed then. It’s my 1st grow so didn’t want to kill them by feeding to early.

That’s what it looks like to me. Just remember no more the a 1/4 strength on veg nutes.

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Very much appreciated. Thank you

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good luck on your grow :cactus:

I forget exactly what it is but it has to do with the Coco coir, Will @garrigan62 will know

  • best of luck

Coco canna A+B will help ya for sure. Love that stuff for coco grows. Can’t go wrong with it…

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Thanks guys.

Just mixed 2.5 ml of each a + b to 5 litres of water. Hope this sort them out. Will kept you all posted. Thanks for the info.

If my plant drys out is there any chance of it still growing?

@tee3737. I mixed the nutes at a 1/4 of the recommended dose and fed the plants and the leaves are still turning yellow and getting tip burn and eventually dying. More help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you please fill out a support ticket please include pH information thank you

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It’s tough to start seedlings in pure coco. It can have big differences in moisture content in the surface soil where the babies grow. There are no nutes at all in coco so people want to add them. I would go with a super light first feed. Maybe a quarter strength.

Coco needs cal mag too so make sure the food has some.

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Strain: blue cheese
Media: coco
Ph of run off: 6.2
Growing: indoors
Room temp: 27°
Humidity 40%
Lights: 600w hps on 18/6 timer
Fans: 1 x clip on fan in between light and plants and a big air mover for good air circulation.

Yellowing leaves and tip burn and eventually dying. Fed with 1/4 of the dose of nutes recommended by the manufacturers 3 days ago but the problem had already started before this. I always water with a ph between 5.8 and 6.2. Runoff is coming out at 6.2. Any help would be great.