Please help yellowing leaves and tip burn

Thanks I don’t know anything about Coco but I think you need to keep your pH closer to 6.0, hopefully somebody else with experience in Coco will be here soon to help

  • good luck

Isn’t that soil ? They have a bad case of Nutrient Buren. That soil is way to hot for those plants.
I would find some soil for seedlings!. And don’t feed them anymore. Your just adding to you problem
When you get new soi. Transplant them with the least ammout of that old soil.
Mix up son
e water with 1/2 tsp of root ?stimulate and one cap of nitrogen peroxide. This will help your plants so they don’t get " Transplant Shock "



That’s not soil pal it’s canna coco. Looks dark as I had just mist sprayed them. I fed them with a 1/4 of the recommended dose of canna coco a + b.

Not for nothing but I read a lot of people having similar problems with Coco. I would never use it myself I personally think it’s for more advanced growers

I would flush it well, I would adjust my pH to 6.0 and test my run off and also I recall something about you have to flush coco and pH balance it like Rockwell before you use it and that’s why I use soil cuz it’s just too much work for me

I’m not saying you should or shouldn’t use it I’m just saying that I see a lot of people having similar trouble with it and I don’t really think it’s for beginners

sorry I can’t be more help but I have no idea of even the first thing to do with it more than I’ve said above


It’s not pal .it. “Will”

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It is pal.

Leaves that are damaged will remain that way just keep an eye on your new growth. @Paranorman is right you need to get your pH down a bit too.

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Will removing the dead leaves help them out or should I just leave them as they are

Right now I would work on flushing and balancing and adjusting the pH that’s what’s going to get your plant right before anything else and I think cutting at it is only going to stress it further

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@Paranorman right just leave them and work at getting pH down.

With coco your pH should be between 5.5-6.0 because it’s technically a hydro grow. If you’re not using Cal-Mag, you need to get it immediately. Coco dries out quickly, so you need to keep up with watering. Because it dries out so quickly the excess nutrients will just sit in the coco. You should flush with just water. First test the pH of the water prior to flushing, then check the pH of the run off from your plant. Let us know the results and we’ll go from there.

And just a heads up, Will is only trying to help you out, so please be conscious of his efforts. We’re just here to help you out, good vibes all around!


@ktreez420 I tested the water before and the ph went in at 7.2 just plain tap water and came out at 6.2. I haven’t used any cal-mag but can get some tomorrow if I’m going to need it. I have coco a + b only at the min.

Ps me and @garrigan62 had a chat and all is good now. Just a miss understanding.


@ktreez420 @garrigan62 @tee3737 now have a ph of 5.9 on my run off. The plants have new growth that is green but they don’t seem to have grown in the last few days. What would you guys recommend now. Would cutting the dead leaves off help with new growth or not?

Please help.

The slow growth could be from stress from pH being off give her a couple of days to adjust. :cactus:


Iv given them a bit of rhizotonic to help them out a bit. Hope they bounce back.

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I find sometimes when they get stressed it can take a week or so to recoup before getting back in the swing of things. What is rhizotonic a root booster?

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Yes it’s a root stimulator. It also helps damaged plants recover. At least that’s what iv read anyway.

You should start seeing a little better growth in a week. I was transplanting mine last week into a bigger net pot and damaged some of the roots and the same thing happen to me slow to no growth till this week then started to pick up a little. Do you have a TDS meter?

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I do indeed have a tds meter

The reason I asked is your going to need to know how strong your feeding solution is. Most of the nute manufactures suggestions are way to strong. How many sets of leaves do you have?