Please help with diagnosis, deficiency?

Type: Gold Leaf Fem, ILGM approx 2 weeks blooming, little buds and pistils getting bigger last two days
From seed 2/16
Switched to 12/12 3/26
Indoor, LED 300w x 2 4 x 8 x 5 tent
Soil: FF Happy Frog
In cloth 5 gallon
Feed: sensi A&B Grow 1/4 strength once a week since week 3 distilled water every 2-3 days, lately every other
Also started sensi nirvana flowering food 1/4 strength 2 days ago(first feeding) and cal mag (sensi) 1/4 strength
Run off 6.2-6.5
Don’t know ppm
Temps 68-74
Humidity 45-55

This plant just went through a pretty significant stretch over the past week or so and stands at (edit) 26" tall
Fimmed once, slowly bent each branch about 1 week ago over course of several days

Noticed tonight several of the middle aged leaves looking like this: pic below
Brownish blackish spots, more towards the tips, some tip curling up, about 8- 12 leaves

Phosphorous deficiency?? Or cal or mag deficiency?

Not sure if I should increase nutrients? Worried about burn so I go 1/4 and only about once a week

Also raised lights tonight (were about 12 inches above)

These plants drink ALOT about a half gallon every other day and they are DRY when I water

Thanks for any advice @Majiktoker @garrigan62 @latewood

@Sl1 the leaves look like claws? I think you already have the excesses and defficiencies chart?

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@bob31 yes thanks I studied the chart before posting, tips are curling up a bit, runoff might be telling me the soil is too acidic? In that case cal mag or P deficiency is possible, I use liquid pH indicator and the run off is in the 6.5 range.

6.5 is spot on actually.

It looked like in the picture that the tips of the leaves were curled down? (Clawing)

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Phosphorus deficiency for sure, probably calmag as well


@Majiktoker thank you :sunglasses:

And all three are right at the edge of 6.5 I’d bump it up to 6.6 or 6.7 to make sure your able to up-take those three. @Sl1

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@bob31 good idea, I’ll plan on it for first thing in the morning. Plants go dark at 7pm now :nerd_face:

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Okay kiddo! No worries. You caught it early. They’ll be fine! Their weeds… Geez we treat them pretty good for being weeds!

Lol yeah immediate freak out about bud shrinkage!

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P and Cal mag are the most common and it’s usually adding Cal mag and bumping the pH slightly and all good again.

Feeding at 1/4 may be a significant part of the problem.

EC/TDS/PPM meters are pretty cheap and could really help you with knowing the PPM going in and PPM in the run-off and can help guide you to know if you are under feeding or over feeding.

Also, it is common that the plants will need a boost of their phosphorous and potassium during bloom/flower, just some other things to consider.

I think for FF Happy Frog, the pH of 6.2 - 6.5 shouldn’t really be all that much of the problem, as this substrate mixture is a peat based mix, and even on the bag it says it is normally pH’ed at 6.3 - 6.5, and that is about what @Sl1 is seeing. Peat based substrates should be a little lower than regular soil, so I really doubt that this alone is a significant part of the problem, and most likely it is underfeeding, or not adding enough of a bloom booster that contains a good amount of P-K, phosphorous and potassium.

Happy growing,



Thank you @MacGyverStoner!

I fed this morning 1/2 strength sensi cal mag and 1/2 strength sensi nirvana in distilled h20 final pH 6.5, 1/2 gallon, didn’t have time to check run off, late for work! :flushed:

This is my first time with photoperiods - hope I can turn this around without too much decrease in yield but we shall see.

I’ll get a TDS meter :v:, it’s been on my list

I have to ask; Why are you feeding 1/4 strength? Does the product recommend that dosage? Have you looked at the nutrient company site at the ffeeding schedule or nutrient calculator?

When I see someone stating they are feeding plants nutrients at 1/4 strength; I immediately blame user for not adding correct dosage.

Let me know what you think. :slight_smile: lw

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Sure, I can answer that! Reading so often here and other places people reviewing these products saying to “go easy”, or not to use full strength, and so not wanting to burn my plants :slight_smile: also, the company has a feeding calculator tool, but it’s based on hydroponic systems, so I go by the label.

Now that I have a TDS meter on order, I can use it as @MacGyverStoner suggests to really evaluate based on plant uptake. Still new to this! Actually, only 4. 1/2 months experience, so…:v:Peace and thanks for the advice.