Gold Leaf not recovering from cal mag and P deficiency ? :-(

I’m worried about my larger Gold Leaf Fem started from ILGM seed 2/16. Noticed small female sex pistils and preflowering 3/22. Let them get a bit bigger than Switched to 12/12 3/26, five weeks ago. First flowering pistils 4/12, now 3 weeks from pistils - so 3-5 weeks in flower, depending on how you count it.

In soil, LED 300 Wx 2 in 4x2x5 tent.

Humidity 42%, temps 70-75. 120 V 2700 rpm Powermax online fan & filter set up on 24/7(low), small intake fan blowinggently across lower stems.

sensi A&B Adv Nutrients 3/18 3/31, pH out 6.5, at 50%, 6.5 pH DI in between. In FFHF so took it easy on the veg nutes.

After 12/12
Cal mag (adv nutrients) 4/7, 4/11(plus sensi aB bloom 1/2 strength), cal mag 4/15. Always 6.5 in and out.

4/18 noticed browning on Leaf tips, gave cal mag full strength and started Big Bud at 1/2 strength.

4/19 6.5 pH DI, 6.4 out, 4/22 same

4/24 6.79 pH 900 ppm cal mag and Big Bud and
6.73 pH and 830 ppm out

4/25 pH 6.5 DI

4/27 1/2 Big Bud and1/2 Botanicare Rhizo blast, pH 6.5 411 ppm in
6.64 and 1092 out (!)

*lowered lights to 12" away, had raised 4/18 when plants first looked stressed

4/29 6:5 pH DI in, 6.5 out (didn’t get ppm)

5/1 clawing up bigtime :frowning:. Stretched really well in past week or so, but buds not getting bigger, sugar leaves growing bigger than buds. New growth looks OK but affected fan leaves look terrible, with the exception of a lessening of the redness of their petioles.

Was lower I got the lights what caused the relapse? Or is she just trying really hard to stretch?

I’m at a loss, I’m really concerned about this plant, she is fussy and I’m concerned with five or more weeks to go how she will do?

Some pics

My other GL Fem had some of the cal mag P deficiency and responded better to feeding and has heavier buds

Thanks so much for any help, I tried to give all the info above - sorry if it’s too detailed😔

These are my first photoperiods. Full grow journal here

I think possibly a couple of issues going on here @sl1

How far away is the light now and what is the wattage again? 2x 300 watt?) Do you have a manufacturers recommended distance? My best guess would be that they need to be 18-24 inches above the tops.

She’s getting to be pretty big. I think you need to go up to full nutes. I believe what we are looking at is a defficiency and not an excess. The pH is good and the ppm looks ok, even on the one that was 1092 out.

What does your nute chart recommend for ppm at this week?

Oh and you don’t need to start a new topic for a support ticket. Just do it right in your grow journal (if you ever need one again…)

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@bob31 i only fed sensi bloom A&B once, when I developed the cal mag deficiency I switched to that and stopped sensi bloom. Maybe that is the problem?

Mods - feel free to move this to grow journal - I posted out here as a separate thread

I really think you need nutrients. She is getting very big and there probably isn’t much left of the FFHF to keep her happy!

But lets get a couple other opinions!

@Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Hogmaster @kabongster


I guess maybe it could be because I skipped week 2-3 of sensi AB bloom when I was treating with cal mag. Not sure why I am so afraid of nutrients :pensive:

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I agree with @bob31 assesment. Typically when I add cal mag I add it in addition to my regular nutes.

Typically the discoloration won’t revert back to being green so the new growth is what would need to be monitored but since you are into o flowering I’m not sure how much new growth you will get to monitor.

I would wait for a few others to comment as well to be sure you are going in the right direction.

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Im will also agree with @bob31 & @Jmesser80
They may be craving phosphorous which they news to develop buds
Are you just using the Big bloom from ff ? Or do you have the trio ?
I’m guess they are looking for bloom nutes at this point


@Countryboyjvd1971 I am using Big Bud and A&B Bloom Phase nutrients - I use the Advanced Nutrients line. I guess I’m probably underfeedingthe Bloom A&B. Thanks for the reply :blush:


@sl1 I didn’t pay them to say that :grinning:


@bob31 ayup, sure thing, Bob :yum:


your girls need the nutrients, the makers have the cal mag in their mixtures, feed them everything they crave with the A & B then if there’s a cal mag deficiency, use the supplement.

the ppm going in could be 1200-1400 for just the nutes.


Thanks Guys, I’ll let them dry out and then add full bloom Nutes, and I think next Grow I’ll make my own soil mix so I feel more comfortable adding full nutes.

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Depending on how many weeks you like to veg your plants usually I like to wait around eight weeks anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks before I put mine in flour or use Foxfarm ocean medium Usually write whatever I flip them to a 12 on 12 off cycle I go full nutrients if you’re afraid of them give them half of what it says and then work your way up to full strength that’s what I used to do until I figured out exactly how I need my mix to be Hope this helps


It does @Hogmaster thanks

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Phosphorus deficient

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Thanks @Majiktoker I’ve been hitting them full strength and hoping yield doesn’t suffer. My bad for not feeding bloom nutes full strength when they stretched.

All well, actually Better to start weaker and as they progress increase strength until at full strength the can usually take a full strength feeding at 4 1/2 weeks to 5 weeks in flower (usually at the end of the stretching period when they start to increase productivity on bud structure and development) sorry for the delayed reply having family problems

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Hang in there Majik


Doing my best between that and work hell its stressful