Please help plant worrys

hi i have had these king kush in veg for like 9 weeks belive it or not i have grown from seed like 3 times and i have never come across this they have only grown 9 inches i have flushed them about 3 time with flawlish finish am in coco my ph is 5.8 my lights are 600 hps the room temp is 27 the humidity is 65 i use canna a b and root excel i have allso dryed them out can anyone please give me tips and what i can do feel like just throwing them away really am at my last resort here are some photos

Never seen that but haven’t grown in cocoa before. I had a white widow recently in hydro that was a seedling and I mean like 5 inches for a month. Now it’s the largest plant I have, I had it in the same nutes as all the others.

Someone will help you for sure. What’s

That looks like classic over watering how often have you been watering and how much and wat size are your pots?


do you think there over waterd in 15 liter pots i hope so

I would also check your runoff ppm’s. It does look like over watering but the claw could also be an indication of nitrogen toxicity.

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there no nitrogen in it at the min took it out thought it was that

I’m 90pcnt sure so here is wat to do! Leave them at least 4/5 days until the coco goes aridly dry not just wen the top layer is dry I mean wen you pick up your pot and it will be super light.then do your ph between 6.0 6.5?after you put you A B in the water then give them half litre each and let it go dry again and you will see the difference instantly then you can add more water each time you feed but looking at the size of them I would say they don’t need more than a litre per plant every 2days I mean some plants drink more than others but do wat I say and you will be good

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thanks fibber will that work why u name fibber no telling fibs r u hahah no will it work if i do that never come across it b4 thanks mate

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Ye good point I just think that is wat it is and I don’t think it will harm him to start drying out as it perhaps explains the stunted growth.but granted it could be many things but I think it’s over watering through experience. But your right we need the full picture before we could say for sure.

Fill the form out so we can say for sure but I always use coco and I’ve done the same thing my self and it could explain why they so small for nine weeks like I say I’m 90 percent sure personally but that other guy is right let us know everything

Plus I was just looking at your pics and post again and you’ve said you use 600 wat H your ph5.8 it’s indoor 15litre pots the strain is Kush your temp 27 and so on so I really think it looks drowned mate

ye fibber thanks mate top man

so here gos

king kush female from greenhouse seeds

3, 600 hps bulbs on digi balest turned dow to 400

room temp dose not go over 27 even on 600

12 inch in take and 12 inch out take whitch runs on the sms com 4.5 a

2 big fans in the tent good air flow very good

15 liter pots in coco

100 liter water tank with 250ml canna a and 250ml canna b house garden root excel 30 ml
water temps 22 degrese

tent size 7 feet long by 4 feet wide /hight 7 half feet just messard it

ph is 5.8 i dont know what my run off is as my ec pen broke while back but a friends coming tomorrow to tell me what it is

indoor grow temps when lights off 22 degrese and humity 60

Humidifier no co2

You should be giving them 200ml A 200ml B in a 100 litre tank 40ml A 40ml B per 10litres of water and try some super thrive it helps plants a lot man it’s good stuff

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i give them 250 canna say use 4 ml on back of the bottle so go down to 200 ml each yes

whats super thrive dont u think house garden root ecel is good i used it for 2 years i have doen a good few grows just this never happend to me its mad i know but u learn every day in this game

Sorry my bad so you want 400mlA 400mlB that’s 40ml of each per 10 litres of water

yes that what i use in flower but in veg i lower it to 250ml a 250 ml b slowley build it up is that a good thing to do