Please help. Mid harvest, and found something strange

Can you please help. Please take a look at the pictures. This is northern lights feminized. To me it looks like the middle of the bud is rotted. Can’t figure it out. Luckily it is only this cola. The other ones look fine. I did not notice this until I cut it down and started trimming. I have already removed quite a bit of the damaged bud. Can I salvage the other side of this bud or is it all garbage? Mahalo.

I wouldn’t risk it. Great looking bud otherwise.

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Definitely bud rot, don’t smoke any of that brown stuff. Toss that bud and any more that look like it. If you are harvesting, I would do a bud wash on any of the rest.


Mahalo. I have my washing station set up with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and lemon juice. Can I cut away the brown stuff and still smoke the good bud that remains on the cola or does the entire cola have to be thrown out? Mahalo.

Anything close to the brown is risky. Cut down below it a few inches. Stuff will make ya sick bro.


Yes, sorry. I just went through that too. Be sure and break buds open and get rid of anything brown.

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I had a similar experience with Northern Lights feminized a few crops back. I kept humidity low, didn’t over water or at least I didn’t think I did. But I did notice that the buds I had especially the tops were so large and juicy that even my 1000W didn’t dry them out but instead offered a perfect growing condition for mold. So my next crop I harvested roughly a week earlier and had no problems believe it or not thought I’d share :thinking:

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Yeah, such a bummer. I have probably lost 1/4 of my harvest. I remember a couple times during the flowering phase really soaking them with the hose outside. That was probably what did it.

Compost it my friend. It’s botryis, bud rot, carefully check everything.

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You sprayed the buds??

I have gone through all of it very closely with my hands, pulling the buds all the way down to the stem and looking to make sure there is no brown. I have cleaned them really good pulling out all the brown and there is no brown left. When they were in the flower stage, I soaked them pretty good with the filtered hose outside. Must’ve been too much moisture and got caught inside of the buds. I only did that a couple times. I did do some misting with a sprayer just water. Then I did use some neem and soap before I joined this forum and people told me not to. Then I sprayed the jacks dead bug sauce when I got it from the mainland. The neem and dead bug sauce was probably used a total of five times cumulatively through the grow. Why do you think I got bud rot?

I also did a very good bud wash with 3 5gallon buckets first was 4 gallons with 1 cup baking soda. Second what is 4 gallons with 1 cup hydrogen peroxide, and 1 cup lemon juice. Third bucket was a clean rinse. From reading through the forum, all of that should help me prevent any more mold or rot well my harvest dries.

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Bud rot happens all the time outdoors, especially with strains that are quite dense. Humid air, rain, lack of airflow all contribute. Outdoor grown cannabis produces the best flower in my opinion, but it can be very challenging, as mother nature controls the growing season. We can control strain selection, healthy plant growth, good IPM , proper site selection, etc.

Cheers :beers:


Look into a Bio Fungicide product called Arbor. You can find it at China Mart or online. Spray it weekly.

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I MYSELF am not so certain that it’s simply not the genetics playing a controlling interest in the rot issues. I’ve seen & experienced other strains that ARE NOT heavily Indica dominate do alright. They’ve been heavily root watered & misted at muliple weekly intervals and NO rot. I don’t know if it’s better air circ, less dense water retaining nugs or what but MY experience has been different :thinking:. My I suggest if possible somehow improve air circ either by equipment or natural maybe because air does dry things out even fluff or open up the buds as they mature but not as to either damage or hinder. Just throwing it out there.

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Oh also try lady bugs for insect problems they’re nature’s SEAL’s.

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Are you in California? Cali got hit by a pathogen, many grows got this pathogen and lost the crops. it happened before harvest is what I understand, I doubled my filters on air intake stopped visitors from entering. Did not have issues. Yes you have ROT have it checked or clean the hell out of your spot. That pathogen stuff could be roaming safe then sorry.Good Luck full speed ahead.

Mahalo for your help! I have all of it hanging up now with quite a bit of air circulation in hopes of preventing any more mold or rot. What should I be on the lookout for as my bud cures or dries to make sure that it is not getting mold or rot? Here are some pictures.

Aloha Shadesfang,

Can you please take a look at my mango Kush. She is in week two of flower. The branches shot up on me a good 4 inches after I switched the light cycle to 12/12 for flower. I expected the plant to stay about the same height. It is getting a little large for my tent. I am trying to train the stalks, but I’m afraid it will keep growing and I will have to trim later once there is more bud on the plant. Should I trim now or hope it puts most of her energy into bud from here on out instead of growing taller? Mahalo.


Heya buddy, great looking lady :heart_eyes:

Mahalo, hope all is well.

In my honest opinion even though it’s photo, I would do the following, lollipop the heck out of the bottom few inches/nodes and all the lower few inches of bottom branch sucker flowers and leaves that don’t get any light or half yellow.
I do it with the autos and it helps a lot.

Let LST do the work I bent these all the way over and it looks like you can do the same if you want to let em ride.

Yours will look kinda like this but bigger and you need to double stage the bend pics attached. I bent these to the ground mmmmmm 4 days ago maybe.

Any more pics or ? Just tag me.

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