Platinum Mix Pack reviews

I just purchased the Platinum Mix Pack from ILGM. While my first grow is only a couple weeks into flower, I’m already looking towards my next one. I’m excited to try these different strains and would love to hear reviews on these 3. How did they grow? How was your yield? Any advice on these particular strains? Etc.

Platinum Mix:

5 x Gold Leaf
5 x Super Silver Haze
5 x Purple Haze


My personal experience with gold leaf:

Growing experience: Grows big, grows fast, grows fat buds, but grows airy. I don’t know why either. Ive grown that strain three times and it always done the same even with a different pheno in there also. I super cropped the ever loving :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: out of it to keep it short. The last plant I grew was in soil and it was only 2’ tall. These are two clones I took. Almost 1/2 lb between them.

Dying and curing experience: for me, it takes 7 days to dry the stuff, at this point, I still don’t think it’s very good but I don’t think most strains are great at this point. After two weeks of curing, everything really changes, the smoke becomes great, the high is awesome and it becomes a real pleasure.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 6.
Others might have different opinions, that’s just my personal one.

I have yet to grow your other two strains



Thanks for your review. Airy or not, they still look great. If course, dense buds carry more weight but is there any potency difference between airy and dense buds?


Not that I know of

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Give me the name of the strain who has the biggest note… Sell it by ILGM (or not)

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The biggest note? I’m afraid I don’t understand

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What is the best strain… Your favorite.

My favorite? ILGM bubblegum.

Nice… I already have that strain in my wish list :wink: