Right On ILGM Love Your Strains

I buy from a few seed banks. I read some post in forums dealing with germination issues and seedling fails. Hey it’s gonna happen to us all no matter who’s seeds they are. I have fails from all banks and even my domestic seeds that are born in my grow environment. My current grow is all ILGM. Bruce Banner, MK Ultra, Banana Kush and Gold Leaf, I’ve grown their Pineapple Haze which was great and a few others. I just harvested the first ILGM Gold Leaf. It taste and smells great and the buzz is good! and it’s not even cured yet! Thanks Clair


You’re gonna love the Bruce Banner, a nice uplifting high that doesn’t mess with your head.

Thanks frosty, I am looking foward to getting the hulk finished, smells good!


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High dbrn32 how are you?

Good to hear input on the gold leaf. I have two in the flower stage they sure do look an smell good. I can’t wait to try them. Good luck with your grow.

Thanks kellydans, kinda off the track here, but here goes. I started this one in March with others. The first pic was about 2 weeks. Put it off to the side as a fail seedling. It didn’t die but looked even worse. About 10 days ago it starts growing. 3rd pic was today. Anybody had this? lol

pic 2

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No comments?

It’s a survivor, give it a chance and it will make you proud.

Survivor yes, but what blows my mind is how could it stay dormant that long, 4 months with zero growth.

Survivor go

ne to flower :slightly_frowning_face: strage lumps in stalk

I starte

d it with these, think it will catch up?

Give it time and it will fill out nicely.

Dab Anyone !:crazy_face:20190728_095510|281x500

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You have a nice variety growing. And you are way more advanced in this than I am. But you better tighten up :t_rex: cause I’m coming, and weeds coming with me :cowboy_hat_face:

Right On! Go for it man, When you have it figured out give me some tips :mage:

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