New ILGM strains?

I could have sworn I read about 3 new strains ILGM was going to release a few months ago. One of them had thc content in the 30’s. I want to say something brownie, but maybe that’s wrong.

I keep looking every time I get an email, but never see anything new for sale.

Might have been this thread?

Thanks! looks like they have them burried deep in the feminized section, and I didn’t notice

has anyone tried either of the ones thta say 30%?

The THC percentages, harvests times and harvest weights posted are from ideal growing conditions and environments. You’d still most likely end up with higher THC content than other strains, but probably a couple points lower than description provided.

@Borderryan22 I only grow in ideal growing conditions :crazy_face:

I’ve tried most of the other high thc strains they sell, and currently settled on Bruce Banner, but always interested in something potentially better, so wondering what others experiences are with the new strains.

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I’m glad to read that about the BB. I’m almost 2 weeks into my first photo grow and BB is part of it. Also have a Black Widow going, and a gifted GDP from ILGM. Got the hero Mix Pack. I’m nowhere near ideal on my conditions lol, but I’m giving them my best! Just transplanted from solo cups a couple hours ago. How was the Bruce Banner high? She’s on the left. PoisonBerry Auto (not ILGM) in solo cup.

@Borderryan22 I’m kidding about the ideal conditions. I grow in my basement, and it’s less than ideal. In fact I have issues with moisture and bud rot, but I think my lighting and nutrients are on point. The Bruce Banner was most resistent to bud rot that I have tried. It also tastes and smells pretty nice too, and was denser than any of the others which may be why it is resistent to rot.

I did the hero pack as well as the Super mix and bought 20 of the Banana Kush as well.

Skywalker og, I think I didn’t get great genetics. I tried 2 of the 5 seeds. It didn’t clone well as all, I may not have perfect technique, but several strains I get roots on just about every clone and throw the extras out. With Skywalker I only got a couple viable clones and gave up on it as I’m looking for a simple perpetual grow.

GSCE, I got a really pretty plant that grew fast and made pretty pinkish/purple buds, I thought it was going to be the one for me when I saw the unique buds, but it wasn’t very dense. For the size of the plants I grew, the yield was disapointing, and it just wasn’t good enough to keep the strain going.

Gorilla Glue and Black Widow both turned out some nice plants, Black Widow was susceptible to rot more than GG. I have a Black Widow finishing now (probably my last). It’s really pretty, and looks better than the BB on the plant, but when it drys it’s just not as potent.

Banana Kush I will try again. Honestly I didn’t give it a good chance, I really thought Gorilla Glue or GSCE were going to be my finalists. I have 18 of these seeds left and will try again.

The bruce banner is bushy with tons of chutes. The stems are not strong and the buds are very heavy. You will need support from about half way through flowering to the end. If the buds lay on top of each other when they slump that’s the only time I had any rot on the BB. so keep the air flowing and the buds off of each other. I’ve got one of these guys finishing along with the Black Widow.

I’m going to cut them down this evening I think. I’ll post some pics later.

Good luck bro, your tent looks great.


I started my 1st with GSCE autos outdoor. I lost a couple from the environment and got 2 all the way to harvest. First one wasn’t great. I chopped early because of a tropical storm. Second was much, much better, but like you said, the buds weren’t really dense. Super frosty and sticky. I did have to chunk almost ½oz from rot after harvest. It had already started before, though, because there were calyxes that turned to literal dust.

I really appreciate that info. I’m going to try and clone the better of the 3. I’m still really fresh at this and want to try new techniques every chance I can. I’ve yet to do any kind of stress training, and I’m think my GDP is going to be the candidate for either topping or FIMming.

I have a few other strains. Ton of blueberry autos. Gold Leaf and Super Skunk Fem. I don’t remember what else. I’m eager to grow and there’s so much less stress compared to outside growing. It was like constantly being on watch. Rain, bugs, ridiculous heat, cloudy weather, more bugs. A stray cat sprayed one of my plants and it turned to wilted lettuce.

I’m gonna check out some of your journal stuff if that’s cool.

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