Plants won't show what sex they are

All my plants are showing sex. I have 3 that aren’t 1 of them got a couple hair’s two weeks ago then stopped the others are 5ft tall and are supposed to be in the flowering Cycle but nothing is it possible that there just hemp or what. Got me confused. Growing outdoors not much time left. Appreciate any help. Thanks

Pictures would really help in this case.

Is your light cycle 12/12?

Close enough I figured. They are outside with the rest and they all started
flowering about two weeks ago and are putting on more buds every day.

Some strains start flowering much faster than others.

I’m not saying that’s what’s going on with you, I’m just saying that’s been an observation
-best of luck!

Thank you. Usually grow indoors first time outdoors I’m sure I’ll figure
something out. Thank you

where in the world are you growing?

it’s a global community…I know to expect flowering by now for where I live in the USA

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I live in New Mexico

I think some members live somewhere out there…hmmm @Majiktoker… What is the outdoor growing season like? The op is about the start and end of the outdoor flowering season near you.

Im an out door convert to indoor. With my experience once a plant shows its sex in the beginning thats it . Unless it was harmed very early in own sexing. I have had a plant outdoor start female and stop and then seed on me. It wasnt anything i did. From what i saw in my experience it was a sudden temperature change. It was a plant buy itself and i had a batch of 5 plants close together. I still grow one plant out door every year do to i cant stop.

this is my outdoor today. Im in the windy city area.

For me planting starts April or march, I usually plant early in late February. Harvest depending on strain can be any where from and of September to as far as and of november @kabongster

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I harvest near holloween. I plant near April 1st. Indoor transplant buy the 15th to outdoor.

I start my outdoor gardens in february, and my indoor gardens I keep/have all year round but Halloween is about right where I’m at for most strains


May to early November is growing season. I think the place I got the seeds
from is the problem. the 3 plants with the problems
came from there. The ones I got from ilgm, and herbies head shop are doing
good. And there is a co. In the US called cannabisfamilyseeds have been
excellent and the proceeds go to families with children who need help. They
help them get to legal states for help.