Plants seem to be dying?!

Hi! I have recently come across this forum and have read some really useful info!! I was given some plants that have already been harvested once and are about a year old. Not sure of the strain. They are in veg right now and I was directed to use iguana juice. I live in Alberta Canada and I’m not sure if anyone can help me. It’s been about 25-30 degrees Celsius. They were doing great til i have them this juice now the leaves are yellowing and browning and they just look like crap. I used a probe ph tester but it’s just giving me a off the charts reading.

Can you get some close up pics of the leaves in question?

U have me really confused. Is this a clone from a plant that’s been harvested? Or did someone harvest most of it and reveg?

MJ plants are one and done. U can only harvest each plant once.

I can as soon a soon as i get home.

And it has been harvested and revegged. It had been done before I got them

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You can definitely reveg and harvest again. I’m just wondering if he has enough daylight up there in Alberta this time of year for veg. I’m south of there and most of my outdoor stuff is flowering.

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Yes u can. But not outdoors in MOST places. I think Hawaii maybe but most places have a winter and these plants are set to take an entire grow season to complete one cycle. He may very well b in one of those rare places but I was going with the odds.

I’m a She not a he lol. They are starting to switch to flower we have about 15 hrs of daylight from sun up to sun down. They had been harvested once then given to us. These plants have been kept in the veg state for atleast the last 2 months that we’ve had them. I use rain water to water them from a rain barrel. I haven’t given them the iguana juice in a week since I noticed the discolouration in the leaves. Also I have a grow room set up just trying to get as much natural light as I can.

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Exactly. The size of those, they probably were greenhouse plants that finished in the spring. OP will need to finish them indoors.

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We still need closer pics to assess the deteriorating leaves. Meanwhile, have you checked the PH of that rainwater? PH is incredibly important. If they’re in the soil they originally grew in, it’s no doubt totally depleted of nutrients. Do you know if it was flushed well before you started re-vegging? There can be plenty of toxic crap left in there from the original grow.

Personally, I like the idea of re-vegging winter greenhouse plants outdoors in the summer.

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Sorry for all the pics guys but it seems to be every plant :sob: worst thing is they are sprouting up and look good otherwise. As for the ph test of the rainwater as far as I can tell it’s about 7.2-7.5 which I know is higher than it should be.

I see nutrient burn what looks like a little light burn and a nitrogen defency

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The tips looked burnt and the light green/yellow needs nitrogen

I;d mostly concur with @Sirsmokes that it looks like a deficiency. Maybe potassium and nitrogen?

Have you done any fertilizers besides the Iguana? Also, do you know what kind of soil they’re in? Is it even soil? It could be something inert like coco, which changes your grow strategy.

Here’s a chart. Look at the bottom left picture:

That’s a nitrogen/boron deficiency. Nute burn will just b the tips and edges first.

Your plant will not b able to uptake boron at a ph that high. No matter how much u feed her she can’t eat it. Gotta fix the ph.



What is the best thing I can do? Would distilled water be better??

Probably a bunch of things happening. I see cal/mag deficiency… she waters with collected rain water.

So do I start using the iguana again? Or is there something else that’s better? With the way they are now is it best to not let them switch to flower?

Were you testing the pH of your nutrients before adding them? pH of runoff?

You can’t really trust those cheap probes. You should invest in a pH pen. They aren’t ridiculously expensive and proper pH is a must when growing cannabis. If your pH goes too high (above 7) or too low (below 6) the plant will be unable to take in nutrients (pH lock) and it’ll start manifesting in strange growth and sickly looking leaves. Personally I shoot for 6.5 and get nervous at 6.2 or 6.8.