MJ plants in the wild vs indoors

how is that mj plants in the wild can thrive with irregular intervals of water, hot and dry or wet and humid conditions, natural pests and other variables? .

yet I leave my indoor plant alone for a couple of days and it looks like crap… all sagging and limp, I watered her about 4 hours ago and I see signs of life coming back but still, I don’t see how my plant that gets watered regularly and get plenty of quality light, nutes etc… . sorry for the rant but it’s frustrating, that I love mj so much and Im struggling to grow my own

oh yeah I looked deep inside my plants leaves and I found several dying yellow leaves… is that from lack of light down under or lack of water?

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I treat my plants like shit on purpose it makes them hardy low humidity high temps drafts these are all things plants encounter in the wild and it has been proven stress can promote growth within reason. When we talk climate and lighting we talk about how to bring our ladies to nirvana perfect growing conditions to get best THC CBD etc. but this also makes them grow up soft. Like modern teens and kids
Let me assure you plants in the wild die just as often but those that don’t are stronger for it there is no replacement for the sun UVa UVb and what every grow light in the world strives to compete with this doesn’t mean the smoke is better


well I guess then I’m roughening my plant pretty good…my temps vary a lot my humidity is all over the place. I just want a be able to harvest from a bag seed and then go the. WWA’s and grow some good shit… thanks for explaining Donald and helping mebetter understand what’s going on… mj may be a weed but its a really finicky one

Only reason they are referred to as weed is they will grow even in bad conditions but doesn’t mean they will grow well in bad conditions just that they will survive reg seeds respond better too since they are truly male or female less potential to hermi. LST is a prime example of stress inducted growth as is Super cropping topping fimming. These are all controlled methods of stress


I start my plants indoors for about 3-4 weeks then move them outside to various Guerilla sites, I started last season with 13 plants and ended with six, the ones that survived were the toughest sons of bitches I"ve ever seen, Sun , wind , Rain, Humidity, bugs etc, Trust me it takes A lot of work to keep plants in a favorable condition out side, just as it does inside, but its all about what you give back, The plants will tell you whats up and what they need, you"re their Parents, they just want you to understand them , that’s all.


:joy::joy::joy: funny but couldn’t of explained it better really. Once you figure out their every need, then they will grow stronger and bigger than ever


In your “Girl Scout and Gold Leaf” thread you said yourself," I learned a lot and mostly from mistakes" … Parents !!!


Indeed I did! And I’m still learning from mistakes, just not as many of them now :sweat_smile:


I soo cant wait for my next outdoor grow this spring !!!

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How come your not still growing now, or were all your plants autos?
Im thinking of getting a couple blueberry autos for next spring/summer for a mid season harvest. Judging off your buds the autos are well worth it!

If you planted a few autos now in good sunny spots you could still get a decent harvest outta them, plenty of sunlight up until end of may

I’m growing in the North East of the U.S., it is Dead winter now (I’m an outdoor grower) I start my grow indoors in April and plant outdoors in 1st -2nd week of may, harvest in Sept-Oct. I"ll be planting the “High Yield mix pack” along with Gold Leaf, (my winning seeds from Oct, BOM) and a WW fem. I was thinking of getting the “Chronic Widow” and or maybe some Autos, as they did well for me. This will be my second grow in many years, and I have learned much from the first, I’m online Every Day reading, watching videos as well as Being Here Every Day and learning from everyone, I have so many Grow Friends now, an extended Family, failure is not an option !!!


For some unknown reason I thought you were an aussie, hence saying you could still grow now, my bad :joy: Sounds like your gonna have an interesting grow, ill definitely be following it! Ive grown gold leaf outside two years in a row now and its awesome, can handle whatever weather is thrown at it and grown massive. My 8gal pots limit its size a lot unfortunately but in the ground it’d get huge.
And yes, failure isn’t an option around here, I’m battling spider mites but theres no chance they will get the better of me!

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No worries there mate , we"re family no matter where we live, I grow directly in the ground, no pots, too constricting for me.
I"d probably kill them if I did plant in them, I’m going for a Huge grow this season, I know exactly what I’m looking to do this year and how, and yes its All about room to grow, I’m planning on using Pro mix HP and BX this year on 6-8 plants , 3.8 cu ft, should do for 3 plants, I may cut that down to 2plants, that should increase the size of the plant a bit. I’m thinking of starting them in FF then going to the Pro mix, we"ll see , I have to do some more investigating on that, any input would be great.


Holy Cow, and you Grow Here, you and your plants are Badass !!!


Biggest thing I’ve learnt growing guerrilla style is don’t grow so many plants that it makes it near impossible to carry enough water out for them. Being in the ground will help because they will grow huge tap roots and search for natural water on their own. Im at my absolute limit this year growing 6 plants in 8 gal pots, have to carry 30L of water out every two days, and when its really hot, every day.
I haven’t grown in the ground i about 7 years now since my first ever grow i did so that doesn’t mean much now. If I could have them in my backyard they’d definitely be in ground!
The biggest thing for in ground plants is never over do it on the nutrients as it’ll be much, much harder to flush any excess salt/nute build up out. Judging by your buds last season you know what your doing anyway, and when you don’t, thats what this wonderful place is for… I know I wouldn’t be growing anything like I am now without the help from everyone here, its a great place!

Every time I walk into the bush I have to watch out for eastern brown snakes (second deadliest snake on earth) and sydney funnel web spiders (second deadliest spider on earth), then to cool off I head over the beach for a surf where every day beaches in the area get closed due to great white shark sightings… What a wonderful place to live


Lol proving to be an entertaining topic

this was the point of my answer been my experience adversity results in best plants and outdoor mortality is higher

Totally with ya there, 6 plants is a lot outdoors, I plan on growing them Bigger but not Huge, 5 footers but I will be doing some major Topping and bending this year (experimenting) on some, I’m also with you on the nutrients, less is better outside and I’m Very organic when it comes to Nutes , I would like to totally Blast the Gold Leaf into the Huge category(just one plant) Luckily for me water is not an issue(transport) I have fresh lake water and spring water available where I grow, and a decent rain period. <*)))><{

Some times I have to cary bug spray, LOL