Plants have yellow/orange specks on.leaves plleeaasse help

A couple of my best growers are starting to get yellow/orange specks on a few leaves, seems like on the newer small growth with just a couple specs on the largest fan leaves. Pictures below, please help if you have any idea, this is my first grow amd dont want to kill my beauties.

Hold on I suck at Dx. I will call a few witch doctors over.

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leaf miners might be my first guess.



Hey guys, thanks for the prompt replies, I did suspect leaf miners a week ago as one leaf had a skigly line on, but thes are more specs, not seing the tell tale lines from them.burrowing, I have ordered aome bugicide spray but. Will not help against miners…could it be a deficiency of nutrients at all? I have not fed any nutriennt and they are 3 weeks into veg and in biobizz soil

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It does look more like a pest than a deficiency or excess IMO. Leaf Miners is a good diagnosis and I would move forward based on that.

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I agree, it does look like leaf miners.


I had something similar that was nutrient splash.
Also i concur that it is a bug of some kind. The same thing is happening to my luffa vine. Small dots. Upon inspection, it was nibbles of the top most layer.

Are they something to be really worried about, I read pesticides wont work, so unsure how to move forward and stop it from spreading, I can get clearer pictures if it will help??

I swear by these 4 If one will not work the others will.

  1. Ditomaceous earth
  2. Neem oil
  3. Bt spray for caterpillars
  4. Peppermint, oregano, cinnamon oil, garlic spray.

I totally agree with @MacGyverStoner with that or flea beetle since I see some muching… Carefully look at and in your soil surface if you don’t see one of those…

They are tiny, very small and can jump, really hard to see with their maximum size of 1\16"… They do small damage look a like leaf miners but also munch, eat leaves sides, border…

Inspect carefully your soil…


Leaf miner larvae look like this

Carefully inspect either top and under the leaves. They are also tiny…

Spinosad or SNS 203 will be my choice, and DE is not a bad idea…

In hope that’s helping you, @CrouchingBudHiddenTrichomes

Truly yours…

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Flea beatle seems the more likely now, didnt know we had them in the UK lol…i have noticed a few munches out of the edges of 2 leaves now, will have a look when I finidh eork with a magnifier and report any findings, thanks guys.


You’re welcome :grinning: :v:

Farmers reports severe attacks from flea beetle in the UK lately… Some flea beetle species larvae are also root munchers, probably why your plant seems to have deficiencies and look droopy…

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Meh, very disheartening to see them having problems, I have neem oil extract on its way but unsure wether it will help if that is the problem, especially if they are root munchers, very worried I will loose the lot =-( alot of money down the drain as all were feminised seeds bought for my own use =-( debating wether to start flowering as there a foot tall so hopefully I can get a decent yield ish lol

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I will post new pictures to see if it rings any bells with you better experienced cultivators

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In natural light will be much appreciated, thanks

Just got to wait a couple hours for lights on, then I will get the out to procure better photos in hope of a true diagnosis, its so hard as could even be from roots drying to much etc etc etx but I do concurr that it is bugs of some kind as they were fine just a few days ago and its affecting new and older growth, ive jad to remove a few leaves due to it now =-( hope my babies dont take to hard of a hit.

Hi niala, here are the updated pics…first plant is my healthy specimen that seems to be unaffected.

My camera is not great, last picture is a healthy leaf and one I just pruned as is very damaged =-( all seem to be growing fine but some newer growth is coming out twisted. Thanks again for your help.

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One thing that seems constant, is the interveinal tissues are bloated a little, maybe not by overwatering, but probable, or a RH that’s to high, 60%+…

The pictures have help me a lot…

If the yellow or white spots are “bumpy” have relief… it can be the beginning of mold… Is it cause by flea beetle dropping ? Maybe. Probably…

Tell me that you’re not growing on a carpet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: because it can hold humidity and be the shelter for multiple of undesirable pest and mold…

I would change my recommendation if all these assomption find confirmation by you. Pictures don’t render relief very well…

I will suggest to you an all around fungicide\pesticide treatment with a 1:1 dilution of H2O2 3% and 0 PPM water (distilled, RO or five stage filtered water) 0 PPM is important because minerals contain in tap, well or rain collected are too will degrade the H2O2 faster.

By a spray bottle, Drench well your foliage and soil surface, prune all infected leaves… More than 1 treatment maybe needed.

Your plants should recover in a week or so. Here’s a VPD chart that you can download for future reference, that will guide you with RH and temperature that is preferable for plants

Your healthiest one look very good but middle leaves are much more darker then the newer shoots, that tell me that you have a calcium excess, probably cause by overwatering, and lock out a bit Phosphorus and\or Potassium, that’s why your new shoots are pale.

In hope this will helping you, @CrouchingBudHiddenTrichomes…

Don’t hesitate to tag me if you have further questions…

Truly yours…

~Al :v: :innocent:

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The RH I have had grave trouble controlling, during lights on its fine at 40-55% but lights off when they start to transpire it hits high 70s low 80s…i have invested in a dehumidifier which arrives today/tomorow, and will now look into the best place to gather the ingredients you mentioned. I do not grow on the carpet…hell no they are in an enclosed 1.2 by 1metre by 2m tent with 600watt dimmable HPS and an inline extraction connected to charcoal filter extracting out of the room. Thankyou so much for that information, I will have a true read when I finish work in a few hours. Best wishes and many gratitudes.

I grow in biobizz too. Nutrients too. Organic.