Plants have yellow/orange specks on.leaves plleeaasse help

I use the ionic nutrients along with biobizz medium…how ling after sprouting do you start using grow nutrients? I have just started after 4 weeks…probably a little late, but you live and learn. Hopefully my plants will forgive me =-(

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Depending how far are plants or when you transplant them. I mix All-Mix and lightmix together. about week then light feeding. When i first grow then i do exatly the same. 3-4 weeks without nutes, but thats starving plants.
When you place seedlings in soil then yes, 2 weeks max can run without nutes.

Ahhh ok, I gave half strength in last feed, I believe today will be just water then next feed half strength again, see how they react and boost up to full strength next week when I switch to 12/12 before changing to bloim nutes…any advice on feeding in regards to amount of water per plant etc would be great. I feed a litre per plant atm every 2 to 3 days or when top soil is slightly dry and pot is alot lighter. Thanks

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If you use chem nutes i dont no nothing. But biobizz soil&nutes, I never feed a only water. Any feeding i get them nutes. Watering depends again what stage your plant are and how big pot you grow in. First need frequent watering, afterwards just once-twice a week. Let them dry. I get them almost point when leaves begin drooping and then energizer Bioheaven (biobizz product) with and half hour and then nutes. I love Organic grow, because no need to flush, no over feeding, no salts buildups, no PH measure. Maybe slower grow and maybe not so potent but i love it!

My friend you have such a huge frowny face with beautiful plants.
Maybw my grow journal can turn it upside down.

One thing that helps me continue real life farming even when pests hit a large field is this saying…plants know how to grow.

Trust that you are the weakeat link and somwtimes you need to just watch in amazement as the plant keeps living under insane stresses both fungal and critter based.

Try to keep on top of the problems but you gotta have faith that these plants have only one goal in their world…grow.

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Ahhh ok, I think I am going to go all bio bizz line next time round after christmas, and will be doing autos only. Ive heard great things about the Bio bizz line up and tbh even just the soil got my beauties shooting up like monsters.

All are between 12 and 15 inches with a week or 2 to go until I switch to flowering…but cant get my humidity to stop spiking when lights are off, it hits high 70% low 80s and currently dont have the money for a large dehumidifier =-(

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Yeah, I had same problem.

Its working like a charm.
I had 80 rh to
If you live northen wet cold hemisphere and dont have good dehumidifier then autos are better way to go. More light on hours/less humid, but more money/ electrcity used. First indoor year i go that route. Now i have better equipment to do some photos.

Can I ask how much that dehumidifier cost, im looking for one as I have a small £20 one thats doing nothing, I need to get the humidity down below 40-50 before flowering as worried about rot =-/ it being winter nearly in the uk isnt helping lol.

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There are substances that act as a magnet for moisture in excessively humid environments if you cannot afford the machine…one you can evennproduce yourself if you have spare sticks lying around. Good luck with the RH battle.

Baking soda.
Silica gel (best)

145€ i do like you first little bag inside dehumifier too. Not working. How big is your grow room?
Im about same humidity country but little colder than uk.

Room is 3m by 3m tent is 1.2 by 1.2 by 2m intake from window outake to another, can I put the silica cat litter in the actual tent? As the small dehumidifier is doing jack! Was up at 76% with lights off =-(


You must do Outside room, where grow tent in, hotter. Then humidity goes down. What are temps? Windows outtake not intake? Like i understand.
My dehumifier are so good, I have 2 intake Outside air, this is 95%humi but dehumi take it all. Good investment if you live foggy, rainy country, especially when growing below ground.

No it is not underground, it is upstairs spare room, turning on.central heating lowers humidity but my god it heats it up quickly above 30 degrees! And the so called experts at pro groe told me to intake from window and out indoors lol, grrr dont know what to do.

You must tryi different out/in options. I first install my grow room i have same problem. Try and one option is most suitable. I know when weather change colder then your humi goes down when you let fresh cold air in. And little ceramic heater or oil radiator do miracles too. Ihave dehumifier and oil radiator in my gr.

I have just bought an oscilating.ceramic heater for 40 quid, hopefully this will help, as I believe humidity will go down with higher heat no? It is raining here alot also, I have also got silica gel cat litter for the room/tent in hope the heater along with that will lower the humidity. Thanks for all the advice, I will keep you updated to any change at lights off.

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Urrgghhh still no better, high 70% nearly 80 RH with extraction on and 2 clip on oscillating fans, a tray full of silica crystals, 2 dehimifying pots a dehumidifier bag in the intake ducting and a small 500ml dehumidifier along with a small oil heater…no change!! So frustrated, never had this problem before and NEED to switcj to flower ASAP due to space between tops and light…at a complete loss =-(

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You can try another thing to help… Invest on a bigger deshumidifier and put outside your grow tent. That will lower the humidity in the room where your growing tent is and by the same time, give a chance on the smaller on in your tent, heaters, oscillating fan too and exhaust fan, if you have one…!?

Something like this size and capabilities should work

In hope that you’ll find this useful…

~Al :v: :innocent:

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You are a star, im looking for one around the £100 mark but think I may have to spend the bit extra. I do run a extractor through my carbon filter and it runs to an open window, could the open window be causing excess humidity due to rain etc…its jist turned winter here…i also now have a mini oil heater…is this safe inside the tent during lights off? Worried il caise heat stress, it is an adjustable heat one though =-)

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If your exhaust duct are not tight sealed, , ô yeah it can bring humidity in your room and not helping you :wink: The mini oil heater are the safest to use, it provide just the right gentle irradiation heat, just adjust it if the temperature are not adequate, after a couple of nights you’ll know where is the sweetest spot… :wink: :v: Just don’t forget to reset your RH\TEMP monitor to see average day versus night temp and rh and you’ll be in business… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: