Plants are short and it's been 18 days

Hey guys please help. my plants look sick and are not growing tall. The pH is fine. The stock is 5/16 thick and is super strong but my plants are only 3 1/2 tall. My tempture is a constant 75 and humidity is a constant 55% . I don’t know if I’m panicking or let it grow.

Raising your lights will encourage her to stretch out.


They are 24 inches from the canopy. Is that to low

Light intensity is what keeps them short and squat like that.
Distance is one way to change the intensity, but dimming work too.
Some lights even at 24" are quite intense.
To get her to stretch out some you need to decrease the intensity somehow.


Ok it’s on a dimmer I can incress light intensity or lower it to whatever I want. Are you thinking 50% and keep the 24 inches.

Sure, and adjust from there.
You will learn where the setting work best after a while.
Keep notes of your settings and distance.