Planted cannabis seed with another plant

Hi… I did a stupid way of planting… I planted Durban poison with another plant in same pot… I ran out of pots!!!.. BTW will it be possible to transfer the plant to another pot when gets about 5-8 leaves

It. Depends on what you planted it with if the roots get intertwined you can risk breaking your main root when separating them. It doesn’t sound like its to big drill holes in the bottom of a 2liter bottle and cut the dome off the top this can work for a little while till you get more pots

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Planted with that plant
Sorry for low quality performance of the camera

I hope you can see clearly…

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Those veiny ear thingys root fairly quickly. And are tough sobs… if anything id drop them in the ground n give the lady her space to grow


Those are asking for trouble with your seed it can choke out ou your baby