Double sprouting marijuana plants

A question from a fellow grower:

i planted two seeds. the first plant to germinate brought forth two sprouts, about 7/16" apart from each other (I am positive that i planted only one seed). i didn’t understand but felt they were too close to each other so i carefully transplanted one of them to another pot - both are doing well at this point, and the plant i moved didn’t seem to be “rooted” or bound with the other - it came out of the soil very easily.

so - the second pot ended up doing the same thing. since i am certain this is not a coincidence i thought maybe you could help me out. i have left this second pot as is.

i put these seeds in the soil deeper than your guide recommends (i hadn’t read it yet) and am wondering if maybe that had something to do with it, tho other plants i have grown have not begun separating or creating another main branch - they have always had just the one main branch.

i don’t know why the photos are blurry but am charging my camera in case that is the problem. these plants are also about 7/16" apart.

i understand that you are probably very busy and, if you don’t have time to answer this, please know that i appreciate the guide i downloaded. if you can get to it, however, i would surely appreciate it.

i live on a small island in the pacific northwest - very northwest. don’t think that matters, but you never know!

I have never ever heard of such a thing before. But lucky you! Two plants for the price of one seed. One has no reason to complain about that, lol. I’d suggest growing them in individual pots since it seems not to hurt anything so as adults and in flower they wont crowd each other and having the extra room will mean each individual plant would produce more and be less susceptible moisture related diseases that can occur from over crowding.

Maybe someone else here on the forum has heard of this type of thing before and can comment. Are you absolute positive you only planted one seed for sure? Are you sure your soil didn’t somehow have other cannabis seeds in it from maybe a prior attempt? I’ve had this happen before from seeds that I though just weren’t germinating. As I felt the soil was still good I reused it and was amazed to see the older seeds I thought dead to be sprouting with the newer seeds I had planted.

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