Planted a couple of unknown seeds 2 month ago. Is it male? Pl

Any idea if its a male? Planted a couple of unknown seeds. One is a female, it has hairs, this one looks like male? Or is it too early to tell? They are about 8 weeks old.

Looks male, but you can wait to be 100% sure. Won’t hurt anything.


Yep, looks quite boyish.

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@Alenka More then likely you have a male since there are no clear pistols shooting out but only time will tell. So just hang in there. I hope you get lucky and its not

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Looked at it this morning, saw a little change, looks like a string coming out of the ball. Could it be female? Or hermie?

I saw that blowing up your first pic and thought it may be a girl starting to grow pistils. Still early but plenty of time to cull if needed.

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I hope so, thanks for replying

I see no female pistils, still go with boy.

These pistils only took 2 days to pop out to what’d they look like here, you’ll know soon.

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Any update on the plant in question? I was wondering if anything is showing up yet…

That ball turned out to be a new leaf, and I do not see any other balls or hairs on the plant. Its giving me a hard time. I guess just have to keep waiting. Thanks for asking.

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