She’s got....... Balls?

Hey guys, so I’m on my first grow and it’s been off to a rough start, I’m about a month and a half in with this plant, and I think that she may be either herming or just be a dude. I can’t quite tell if it’s balls or pistils. Anyone got thoughts?

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I don’t see balls but i don’t see clear evidence of calyx either… Maybe wait another day…


Doesn’t look quite ready to call like @outdooring says. That last pic kinda looks female.


It’s a very strange looking plant. Throughout its life it’s had a lot of nutrient problems, and nitrogen toxicity, and all sorts of stuff to battle through. So it’s growth has been stunted a bit. Maybe some early evidence of herming?

The last pic is a top down photo onto the newest nodes, it has been topped recently. And yes I agree, it looks female. But the first picture looks male to me.

Looks like males. In my opinion.

It’s too soon to be positive. Give it some time but I’m leaning towards all female judging by those pics


The one looks like the same plant. I would my self call it a male. I would love to know how it turns out.

You will see hairs sometimes with out a tear drop. Males look like small rose buds that haven’t opened yet. Females will never have lines in the tear drop. You have time. But I’m curious because I normally won’t wait that long. Not trying to be a know it all. Just wanting to know if I pull them to soon. I have some seeds going now. That have to be picked.

Never had a male , but I was taught bananas and balls come in groups. I would give it more time to see


Same verdict as before too early for me to make a definitive statement…

But nice fingerprints… Take care…


I’ll let you know.

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Let’s hope you’re right, This is the only survivor out of its strain. It’s bag seed wifi OG and id like to get a good taste of it

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A lil unclear for me , wait for more development

The last pic looks like 4 calyx and the bottom right one looks like a tiny hair coming out of it, so id guess female. But the other pics too soon to tell, maybe wait a few days to be sure.

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I think we have calyx’s! The pictures are awful because despite my phone boasting the ability to take great pictures, it’s impossible to get anything smaller than a basketball in focus. But here’s the most recent view

Try taking pic with the purple led light off, will be easier to see