Plant won’t flower..on 12-12..any feedback?

All the other plants rollin on doin as they shld, but the biggest one just keep gtn taller and bushier…can’t really tell if it’s male or female but I’m thinking it’s looking like a female…

Are they all the same strain? How long have they been in 12/12?

No they’re all different…all other ones in my tent are goin along as planned and their all females, but the big one in the back just keeps gtn bigger and won’t show no signs of preflower or anything so I can’t make the call of it being male or female…they been on 12-12 since sep 5…I’ve did all kinds of research and there’s no light problems or anything like that…I’m scared cause I don’t want it to turn out male and it that big in there with all my girls…

Just flip to 14/10 dark/light and slowly work your way back to 12/12. The extra dark should send the message to start flowering. I had to do that on my last grow when 1 plant wouldn’t start flowering.

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Thanks for the advice…I’ll start 14/10 this evening…just really hope it ain’t a male…

Males tend to show earlier and not flowering has nothing to do with the sex. Do 14/10 wait 2 weeks the go 13/11 wait a week then back to 12/12.

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Definitely try that…thanks again

You could also put them in the dark for 48 hours and that will surely throw them into flower… :wink:
Also how old is the plant in question? Some strains need to be a certain age before they will flower , but its rare… :wink:



It’s maybe a month and a half almost 2 months…it’s just throwin me a curve cause it’s not doin nothin except growing…will the 48 of dark hurt my other plants?

Yeah I enjoy growing different strains but it is a pain if you don’t pay attention to the time that strain takes to grow some skunk bud can be done in only 55 to 60 days of flowering but green crack takes me at least a extra month to get mature so they start needing different nutrients and more or less depending on how they are maturing now I have started doing 1 strain at a time .


No , it won’t hurt your other plants… :wink:


Is it a auto do you know if it is it might not be ready give another week

Pretty sure it’s not an auto…it’ll be the last time I grow a bunch of different strains all at once…I got some northern light blue auto and blue widow on the way…that one plant just throwing me a hell of a curve cause it don’t wanna show sex or flower and it’s gtn pretty big…it’s in the tent with a bunch of females so it’s gna have to show me smthn soon…

From my experience with sexing and males is this. Every male i have had to cull out of my garden are the first to show sex. If your plant is mature enough to start flowering it will show male balls 4 to 5 days from 12/12 flip. I grew blackberry kush and it literally took longer than 2.5 weeks before i got any sign of pistols

this plant has been on 12-12 for bout a month and not showing me nthn…hopefully one of y’all can tell me smthn…

Looking at pic 1 you have a female and looks like it will be flowering soon just wait a little it may turn out to be the best one you have. Time will tell.
Pic 2 where the new growth is that will flower first I think.
Hope it help’s

Idk still no change…I’ve tried 48 in dark and some other things and it still ain’t wanting to show anything…hopefully another week or so…

Just do 14/10 dark/light and wait a week. They will flower.