Plant leaves yellowing, tips curled & burnt?

Hey folks, I need some help troubleshooting a problem with one of my plants. I got 3 reg. females all 2 full weeks into flower & all doing great except for 1. They are all different strains. She has been healthy and happy until she started her 2Nd week in flower.
I have been treating each plant exactly the same, so I’m confused as to why this 1 is starting to have some trouble.

The first symptoms I noticed were the color in my the leaves starting to change to light green, uniformly throughout much of the plant, and on the much of the surface of each leaf.
The 2nd symptom I noticed was just recently, after feeding. Not entirely sure if it happened after feeding or that’s just when I noticed, but The tips of the leaves started to curl & look burnt. I could crumble the tips off with my fingers quite easily. I used fox farm bloom nutes, & only used half the recommended concentration.
Every plant received a similar amount, but I only see this in one plant.

I feed with nutes every other watering, use only half concentration, & always balance pH. I usually use distilled water, every now n then I’ll used balanced tap water, which I let sit out for 24-48hrs to evaporate the solids.

I never used any nutes during veg, & since the plants are just in the 2nd-3rd week of flower, I have only used bloom nutes a total of 2 times. I never over-water, as I always wait for them to tell me they are thirsty. It averages to about twice a week.

I was suspicious of the fact that maybe the plant was reacting to the nutes, but why aren’t the other plants reacting…all in same type and amount of soil as well.

Would it be safe to say different strains require different concentrations of nutes?If this is nute burn, should I wait until the soil is dry, then flush? Or just water with regular balanced water for the next couple times? Flush now, even with somewhat damp soil? Humidity or temp problems? Thoughts? The tallest plant on the right is the one with problems. Help is much appreciated!

Yes, even different individuals in the same strain.

If it were me, I would just pull back a little on future nutrient concentration and don’t worry about flushing, but I am no expert. Lets tag one, @Myfriendis410


Looks like magnesium deficiency. I always run into this with fox farms nutrients during flowering. Do you have a calmag supplement or even better just some unfragranced Epsom salts?


Looking back at your picks I see your tips curling up. You could have a potassium deficiency. I see you’re in week 3 and have only fed twice. What are your ppms of your runoff?

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Looks more like N toxicity. Not bad tho. Just a bit of nute burn. N its just the tips. Maybe pull back a few hundred ppms next feed. Drop to 50%

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You think it could be signsd of Potassium deficiency even after I just fed it bloom nutes?
As far as nitro tox., I’ve never fed it veg nutes and it’s only in a 3 gallon pot & it’s almost 3rd week of flower…still a possibility?
I know the yellowing and curved tips is sign of nitro tox or nute burn…so I don’t know what but I’ll lay off nutes next water and see if there are changes. Tnx

I think ur refering to a K (phosphorus) deficiency. And they are more defined. It burns the tips all the way down the leaf. Looka very somilar to N toxicity. But N is just the very end showing. K is along the whole leaf basically. Google it. Ull see the diff

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I would bookmark this and keep it handy

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