Brown tips leaves curling

After 1st week of flowertime l started flowertime nuts 3 days later 2 out of 5 plants had brown tips and 50 % of the leaves curled what do you think went wrong can theses 2 plants be saved

Did you check the pH of the water with nutes added before giving it to the plants?

Did you do any kind of flush when you switched from veg nutes to bloom nutes? It’ll help get your pH in balance, as well as washing away nute build-up from the first leg of your grow. That build-up and ph issues (cause/effect/cause type of thing), can cause a lot of head-scratching, after only a few weeks into bloom.


Hydro or soil grow?

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Soil as soon as I notice it I did a flush but it may have been to late

The Ph is on

Can you post pics. That’ll really help


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Will it be a waste of time to keep her going or should I just cut it down

No, don’t cut it. You can fix this. Sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with them, but I won’t chop it

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Ok I’ll just do my best to keep her going thanks

I, too, think they’re salvagable. You should find the “support ticket” and post it back here. The are a lot of variables but I bet with all the info, one of the geniuses here will figure it out.

Can you repost that bottom pic? Make sure it’s the only pic in the post, that way we can zoom in. I think I’m seeing some paleness between the veins, but can’t tell for certain.