Plant leaves growing halfway

can anyone tell me why the new growth leaves are growing curved to the left never seen it happen…thanks in advance

Sure would help if you told us what you are doing to them. Looks like a nutrient issue, but I can only guess.

they are currently 2 weeks old. dwc room temp 74 …76 at leaves
feeding voodoo juice at 50% ph is good … current ppm is right around 400
light is 600w hps hanging 20 inches above

Weird twisting in the leaves could be a sign of a micro-nutrient deficiency, I’d be leaning towards a boron deficiency. You can add a boric acid eye wash from your local pharmacy, available over the counter, at 1 tsp. per gallon. But honestly from the picture alone I don’t really see a significant problem. There could be other minor things causing this, I’m not familiar enough with voodoo juice to know if it covers micro nutrients. If you are using filtered water or R/O and not supplying micro-nutrients, this could be the problem, when tap water is used, tap water usually has plenty of micro nutrients and possibly all kinds of stuff in it, lol.

plant now drooping other plant in same bin looks fine please help!!!

Are you sure your water’s temps are below 75*F? Do you have enough aeration? How many air-stones, what kind of air pump? And again, are you using R/O water or tap water? We can’t help you if you don’t help us help you. I don’t use voodoo juice and if I had to investigate ever single different nutrient brand to know what is in it to help people I’d go nuts. We gave you our answers above and pictures alone isn’t going to help much, however the other plant looks a little like it is starting to have some problems as well, even though you say it looks good. Please give us as much information of what you are doing to them so we might have an idea of what might be going wrong. Exact PH would be good start, not just that “it’s good”, actual temps of the reservoirs water, etc. If you are not using 0.0 ppm r/o water, starting ppm of your tap water might help as well.

starting tap water is 68 ppm , ph is right at 6, two air stones .whisper 30-60 air pump. water temp right at 74

OK, how many gallons does your reservoir hold? PH could go down a bit, 5.5 - 5.8 would be much better for dwc hydro. Have you tried adding a little boric acid? I’m really thinking you need more air. Temp is good. What kind of air stones, the ‘super fine bubble’ grey ceramic stones are best. What are some of the details of the voodoo juice? NPK ratios? Maybe the one that is doing better is right above an airstone and getting a lot more air?

Oh, and maybe the lights are too close for such small plants, maybe try backing it off to more around 36 inches.

ok will do …thanks will post updates a in few days

my res is a 18 gallon tote with 12 gallons inside …the voodoo juice doesnt have the npk on it… and yes im using the big grey airstones… thanks for the info will try what u said

OK, I just googled it, just for you, but like I said if I did that for every single nutrient out there it would take forever and it drive me nuts, lol.

It has zero nutrients in it! You need to be adding something with micro and macro nutrients in it, no wonder your plants are showing deficiencies. Something with at least a NPK of balanced macro nutrients by now, when the plant has a few sets of true leaves and some good developed roots you can start adding real nutrients with actual macro nutrients, you have no macro NPK nutrients with only voodoo juice, as it appears by my quick search on google, it only has beneficial microbes.

Yup, this nutrient issue is likely your main problem as everything else seems good, a PH of 6.0 usually isn’t enough to cause problems on its own, but I was really grasping for something until I figured out the voodoo juice had no actual macro nutrients in it. You want your air-pump to be good for twice as much water as your reservoir is holding in DWC and so at 12 gallons and the air pump good for 30 to 60 gallons, you should be good there. Start adding your “grow” nutrients and you will likely be fine without any other real changes.

ok thank man great help.

I stopped reading above after VooDoo Juice was mentioned. I experimented with Advanced Nutrients a lot in my 1st 2-3 years of cannabis growing. The worst product I ever used was VooDoo Juice. Buy some Fowfarm nutes, and trash that crap! I am positive your issue begins and ends with VooDoo Juice. Hope this helps.

thanks again man my plant has sprung back to life overnight…will post pic later you are the best

Sounds about right, your ladies were starving to death, lol. I wouldn’t worry about the voodoo juice, just use it sparingly and make sure you are giving them real food on top of it.