Plant knocked over by cat, minor damage but…

So my cat has really taken to my plants. When I have them outside in the sun, he’ll stand guard or nap next to them. Usually he’s benign but lately he has been chewing on the bigger sugar leaves. No harm really, although now he is also marking them. One plant that is rather top heavy fell over today. I watched it happen from inside. I found this hanging by a thread. So I clipped it. I had not really planned this far ahead. Should I trim and dry the proper way, or I was thinking about adding to other clippings for some edibles. How quickly do I need to act? Thank you.

  • this was a smaller flower towards the bottom that I probably should have trimmed off anyway, but they look so dang pretty. :kissing:

It’s a small bud, woildnt worry about it.
Cannabis is toxic to cats if ingested be careful.

Mine hangs out but never eats it.


We love Bossman, troublesome or not. :sparkling_heart:


This is what I’d do since it’s so immature, it likely won’t have a tremendous smoke value. But mixed in with other stuff for edibles it ought to add a little something.

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That’s very good to know. Thank you. Here is Fred back in the Spring, pretending to be a plant. I spend a lot of time with the plants. I know he’s a little upset. :grin:


Ok, cool. That’ll work. :pray:t3:

Ahhh he’s a ginger… I see the problem. LoL

@Graysin he loves all of ILGM to… I should try and find him a small white shirt and get it printed

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