Plant issue in flower

I just put this plant into flower 7 days ago. I use living soil and water with 3/4 gal compost tea and molasses every 3rd day. It is in a 10 gal pot and 90 days old. I have this drooping problem followed by twisted new growth. I have 2 1500 watt LED’s lights when I put them on full blast my plant looks like shit. I have the light all the way up to top of tent 4x4x8.

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Is it possible that the bottom of your pot dried 3/4 might not be making it to the bottom. To wet and to dry causes droop. The twist happens to me alot I’ve noticed it most on my OG strains, but it has never been a problem it eventually grows through it

Yeah definitely looks like a watering issue bubba

Plants look healthy regardless…
Get your watering in check and you will be golden… :+1::wink:

I watered from the bottom today and it looks great now. Thanks for the input .