Planning My First Grow Ever

  • Strain: Wedding Crashers

  • Method: Pro-Mix Soil

  • Vessels: Solo cups → 3 gal pots

  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff: N/A

  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: N/A

  • Indoor or Outdoor: indoor/basement

  • Light system: seedlings: Ankace 40W Dual Head Timing 36 LED
    Veg/Flower: VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS MH

  • Temps; Day, Night: N/A

  • Humidity; Day, Night: N/A

  • Ventilation system: Fan

  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: yes/yes/no

  • Co2: no

Hello everyone! Long time smoker, first time grower. I’m getting ready to put my seeds to soil this Friday 1/15 and start this journey. Im working on a budget but hopefully my attention and care will make up for that.

I got some wedding Crashers seeds from a friend who recently finished a grow with them. I soaked 6 seeds in water for 2 days until I seen a video saying it was not a good method. I put them in paper towels. I also started germinating 6 fresh seeds by paper towel method. So 12 seeds total. Since these are not feminized seeds my goal is to get atleast 3-4 female plants from them.

I’m building my tent out of cardboard and aluminum foil, I’m just waiting on my light to come in tomorrow. Along with what I have listed I also ordered a thermostat/hygrometer, and EC/PH checker. I have a fan for air circulation, a heater in case the basement gets too cold, and a humidifier. I know that I’ll be needing so much more as I go, but I’m picking up as I go, shopping every day lol and hopefully I’m not too far away from a good start. Any feedback/advice/tips will be greatly appreciated.

I also have this seedling I started germinating 1/2 but didn’t get it into soil until 1/7, to my surprise it still looks like it has some life so I’m just wondering if it’s worth keeping or if I should just start fresh with the seeds I have germinating now


I’d give that seedling a shot. Never know. Could be a female. :wink:

Truthfully you’d do better without the foil. Flat white paint like you already have on the walls will be a better option. Foil will give hot spots from your light.

With a 600 Hps / mh combo you’ll have to deal with some heat. You’re going to need some air exchange in your space.
A good exhaust fan will become a requirement when you get things going.

And too. That 600 is good for about a 4 x 4 flower area. Larger than that and the light intensity drops off around the edges pretty quick.

No fertilizer for the first few weeks or until you see the cotyledons start to yellow.
They already have their “starter charge “ built in.

Welcome to ILGM. Some of the best peeps around to give help if needed. Just put the @ symbol in front of the persons name @BeenDannyG that you want to tag and they’ll get a notification and be along.
Hope you enjoy it here and good luck with your grow.


I’d also keep the seedling. You can always use a test subject for transplanting, nutrient amounts, etc.


Wow I didn’t know that about the aluminum foil, I’ll definitely use white paint instead. Gonna check out some exhaust fans also. Thank you! I’m glad I found this forum otherwise I’d prolly be overwhelmed right now haha


No need to be overwhelmed. :grin:
If you have Any questions just give a shout.
If I don’t have an answer then we can tag some friends that will. :wink::+1:


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@BeenDannyG welcome to the neighborhood, sounds like you are getting some good stuff already. Good luck :deciduous_tree: :sunglasses:


I’m a fan of Promix but looks to me like you bought soilless and not soil. This means you will have to supplement for the entire grow. So time to start shopping for nutrients. Also; water quality of your muni water supply may play a role in your growing. I had to use R/O in my previous home due to the hard water. Decent PH and TDS meters along with calibration solution and storage solution. PH up and down.


Oh shit I didn’t know that. I’m going to see if I can exchange it for another type of soil. What would be some options with nutrients already in it?

The shop I went to doesnt do exchanges on soil or nutrients. So guess I’ll be adding them myself haha I was going to buy the nutrients this week anyway. What would be some suggestions for nutrients that’ll get me up to the flower stage?

A lot of people (including me) have transitioned to Jack’s 3-2-1: it’s probably the most economical nutrient line available. They are dry ingredients, you buy Part A and B and regular Epsom Salts (unscented) and mix 3 parts by weight of part A, 2 of part B and 1 of Epsom. PH to range (Promix would be 6.0) and TDS to 900 ppm. You can run that all the way through flower. If you need to add anything, some silica and cal mag would be good to have on hand.

I like Promix (peat) over coco for soilless and frankly you can outperform any commercial cannabis soil if you run coco or Promix. You do need a good PH and TDS meter.

Here’s my grow journal:

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Just ordered some, thanks! So with these nutrients mixed into the soil, all I will need to do is water until flowering, which is when I will as my next set of nutrients; is that correct?

No. You will mix into your water to the correct TDS, PH it then water plants. Normally you would feed then water, then feed etc.

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Ok, I feel like the watering/feeding is the main thing I haven’t wrapped my head around yet :sweat_smile:

So feeding and watering are separate actions correct? From ur comment I understand that I will be on a rotation of watering and feeding. So does that mean the nutrients are mixed into the water for a feeding? And I’ll most likely be feeding my plants maybe once a week? How much water per watering/feeding?

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Yes, as I stated above. You will mix to a specific strength then adjust PH so plant can uptake salts.

Once plant fills the planter it’s in you will be watering or feeding daily. When small they don’t need anywhere near as much water and can harm plants by over watering.

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Ok I think I’m understanding better thank you. Last question. For the seedling stage will I be watering with the jack 321 formula? Or am I just using PH balanced water until the veg stage?

Finally got a lot of supplies in yesterday so I got my 1st seedling under some light other than the windowsill. I’m honestly surprised my plant has survived this long without the proper conditions so hopefully it’s a good sign haha.

Placing the seedling under 36w uv lamp for 24/0. Put in my living room since basement is about 66 degrees and this lamp won’t be enough to raise the temperature. I placed an Amazon box over light and seedling for now to protect family from uv rays. I have a 3 year old who I’m kind of worried about messing with it. Going to the shop tomorrow to get proper tray and humidity some

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Hoping this lighting will do the job for veg/flowering :pray:t4: