Planning a grow outside for a friend

Hay fellas,
I’m a indoor grower but my friend is planning to grow outdoor. So I was thinking maybe I could ask here some questions to help him out and tell him what you guys said :smile:
We live In Germany and currently it’s still pretty cold.
When can I tell him to put the seeds in and what else do I have to know ?
I know 8+ sunlight is a necessary.
Thanks for the help

Plants in veg require 13+ hours of light. If they have 12 hours or less they’ll start flowering. He can start his seeds anytime he wants, if he’s starting them indoors. But if he’s starting them outdoors, he’ll have to wait til all danger of frost has passed.


And buy a ph meter

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I start indoors in March… transplant in may after frost is done… I pull plants over & keep them down… get bigger & more buds because plants get more sunlight😎