Pistils appearing shortly after transplanting outside - not enough sunlight hours?

@greenblood Yes you are right …Thats what Ive experienced too! I often pick them off and squish there heads violently…lol…I actually took a video to post of when I was cutting them and found them…Ill post it soon,But I save some in a jar to see what exactly they look like after their metamorphosis into a winged creature…Most of the time its a brown type/colored moth! I used to think it was those white looking butterflies ,I though they were butterflies but they were cabbage moths…But those lil bastardos weren’t the ones eating my buds it is a hemp type moth…I think

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So for me figuring out my timing:

  1. Put plants outside Dec 2nd, 2022

  2. Noticed pistils here and there, thought must have gone into flower due to low sunlight, but now I’m thinking this didn’t matter and was just a normal part of veg showing maturity as Underthestairs said - they kept growing taller up until this week. Will apply this knowledge to next grow for sure.

  3. Now, just this week, they seem to have finally stopped growing and I’m noticing pistils popping up around actual bud sites, so maybe this is week 1 flower… which means stretch just before that too for who knows how long.

Does stretch count as flower?

Will try to post pics soon…

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The stretch is part of the initiation of flower process. I start counting once pistils appear at the bud sights. You’ll get some variance of opinion here (more variance indoors since we’re control the “sun”).

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I start counting about 7 days after pistils first appear, whether she made it to the hedgehog stage yet or not by then.


So here is where I am at the moment.

My original timing was a rough guess. They definitely stopped growing taller about 3-4 days ago though. Now I’m increasingly getting these at bud sites, wasn’t before.

To me this seems like post-stretch, early/mid week 1 flower? No idea and just guessing based on what I know-ish :sweat_smile:

Sorry for poor pics.

She’s off to the races! Flower week 1 is what I would call it.

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I second that. That one is definitely a hover fly. Beneficial bug hunter. It is a type of syrphid fly.

The first one is a leaf hopper. They eat a bite of leaf here and there but are really quite harmless. They prefer dead leaf litter and composting plant mulm. They only try green leaves if it’s slim pickings. They are considered a primary composter like millipedes and rove beetles.

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Excitingggg, appreciate that, thank you. Think I will understand timing in my location much better next year (thanks everyone in this thread :)).

Check out your local sunset and sunrise times throughout the year. Longer nights = flower time

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That’s really cool to know, thanks so much. I currently only appear to have those bugs plus some mantises. Usually having caterpillar issues already. Doing really good this year bug wise, happy. Crossing fingers caterpillars don’t show up later in flower :slight_smile:

Oh the chomping caterpillars and crunching grasshoppers! I hate them! I hate them I hate them.
Well unless I’m fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish: then We’re friends for a very short time.
Occasionally the kids and their friends get paid 25 cents each for their death with proof lmao.

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