Pistils appearing shortly after transplanting outside - not enough sunlight hours?


I start my plants indoors, and within a week of them being transplanted outside they all show white pistils.

This is during summer - does this just mean that my yard does not get enough daylight hours?

This pattern happens every year.

Once the white pistils appear, do I count that as flower having started and I should stop neem teas etc?

Thanks for any advice.



Plants will show pistils once sexually mature. It does not necessarily indicate a plant is flowering.


They’re likely just preflowers showing it’s maturing, I usually veg till I see them and then give ‘‘em the flip. That’s just my preference tho.


What day do u set them outside and what zone? I never set mine out till May 1st unless I use extra artificial light


Thanks all, will try add some pics when I can soon.

As far as when I set them outside… it’s in Aus, I usually put them outside around dec 1st. apparently 14+ hours of available light then, I just don’t think any spot in my yard gets that much.

ok so here are some pics. sorry for quality

S.A.G.E, Strawberry Cough, Amnesia. I don’t know which is which as I forgot to transfer labels… good job me, first time doing that :slight_smile:

Transplanted outside on Dec 2nd. I first noticed the pistils on 9th December, may have been earlier.

Plant #1:

Plant #2:

Plant #3:

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She just showing you she’s sexually mature as far as I can tell. When the light schedule is right, she’ll begin flower.

This a photoperiod plant correct? What was the timing schedule under lights? How many hours of direct is she getting where she is?


Sounds to me you have autoflowers and if that’s the case theres not much you can do about it cause autoflowers will flower when they want to ,they could flower after a month an half of veg and flower or you can have whats happening with ur plants its just one of those things

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From 18 hrs to 14 hrs is a 4 hr drop in light. Many Indica strains will flower on 14 hrs of light.

Most greenhouse growers defeat this by introducing artificial light at dusk for a couple extra hrs.Once the daylight catches the sun they turn off the lights.

Never put Indica strains of cannibis in the ground too early or they will flower, then at some point ‘which is about the 4th week of flowering in my area’ it will reveg, essentially ruining the crop.

In the Northern USA many do not put Indica strains outdoors until June 1st. Looking at my notes my Superskunk and other Indica Strains start flower around August 10th on the USA Gulf Coast or 13 hrs and 50 minutes of Sunlight.


thanks all!

indoors they were on 18hrs light, no pistils ever, within a week of going outside pistils appear, every year.

they are 100% photoperiod. all sativa/sativa hybrids.

when I put them out, the time chart for my area says there is 14-15+ hours of light available, but from my observations yesterday, my entire yard is “out” of sunlight a few hours before that thanks to surrounding cover etc.

I guess when I put them it’s like flipping and they are just going into flower straight away :frowning:

That’s ok though I don’t mind. They are big enough for me, just more about knowing that that’s definitely what’s happening…which it appears so… so I can adjust feeding/IPM etc as necessary…

Maybe I’ll put them on my roof next year for maximum sun? Jokes.

Really appreciate everyones advice, super helpful in working out the nuances of all this… learning a little more every year.


The time jump can trigger them. If you were to reduce your light schedule before hand slowly to match you can avoid it. Sometimes.

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I will definitely try that next year, any little adjustment is worth a shot to see what happens for sure! Appreciate the advice.

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Keep me posted on how it plays out! An experiment is always awesome

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I may completely space out on doing it, but might try to document the rest of the cycle here, or at least parts of it… harvest etc, just to see how everything times out. really curious.

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ok so if we count the day I moved them outside as equivalent to flip/day1 flower, then these pics are from week 5 day 1:

All 3 plants are at the same stage as the pic above. To me that’s not even flowering? Yes I’ve had white pistils for the past 5 weeks, and any stretch period appears to have halted now, but still not really showing any major flower signs?

I also have these bugs on all the plants, any idea what they are and if I need to worry (top left, and middle right):

The black winged ones are everywhere, only seeing a few of the other little green ones to the right side of the pic though.

Also finding these marks in random spots:

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Captain Jack’s Dead Bug for the plants. There are a couple preventatives you can use, just make sure anything you use in flower is appropriate for it.

They look to be in regular veg and coming along nicely.


thanks so much. we don’t have Captain Jack’s here apparently, this might be an equivalent though?

Says active ingredient is “Spinetoram” which is apparently an equivalent to Spinosad… not sure. Researching… anyone have any ideas for safe Au equivalent to Captain Jacks? :slight_smile:

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I have some IPM spray, too, containing:

Fulvic Acid, Saponins, Turmeric, Microbes, Aloe+Kelp, Essential Oils, Aloe

Dunno how effective it would be. Also says not to use during flower…

Feeling like a jerk at the moment…I can’t remember who our Aussie friends are. @Graysin @Borderryan22 @AfgVet I know y’all are everywhere around here… might know what to use, or who to ask.


Thanks for the tag! Are we talking about IPM? I’m a Cap"t Jacks guy. But if you can’t get that @Aussie_autos is the guy over in that neck of the woods that could tell you. Usually most Spinosad products work. Try to stay away from oil based products if you’re in flower.