Pinkmangoo ? Is this the real deal

I watched the video of this stuff leaking resin like honey out of the bud and now its like the big talk over the weekend. I’m Asking you guys here is this just alot of bs hype over nothing or is this some thunder in the zig zag?? I saw a couple reviews that said it was ok and had low thc but i trust the people on here more so let me know if you know anything about this


pressing buds is a thing…collect resin and to the moon!

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You don’t have to press this it just drips off the plant


ohhhhhhh, i’ve never seen this

Hope this helps you see what i was talking about


sweet @ThcinKC i’m watching it now!


It’s a bunch of BUL*^%SH*& that’s what I know in other words you have to watch out…just use comin cents
If anyone thinks that, that came from the bud… I feel sorry for them


I’m thinking urban legend…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::no_mouth:
It’s kinda like a UFO… I have to see it right in front of me , befor I could even comment on something like this… need more science , then just believing a girl with way to many eye gestures… :grin:



That’s what I thought @garrigan62


Those buds are dry yet goo is only on one area of the bud and oozing out. I call BS they dripped some honey on it. Otherwise it would be all over the bud everywhere.


Also, no way does that look like any part of No.Cal. I’ve ever seen. Again I call BS


Not for nothing but this is totally BS
I am a professor and a marijuana botanist and a scientist in marijuana genetics and engineering and do it for a living.

The different colors I do believe but not about the dripping tharps in the buds, it looks like they are dripping honey on the buds to making it out to be something more than it really is in nature.

I have been teaching marijuana botany for well over 30+ years and I do it for a living and I can honestly say that this is a hoax. It can be done scientifically but this plants buds don’t have the complete signs of what we call chronic tharps drip in THC because it would be coming out everywhere around the buds no matter what. I mean don’t get me wrong it’s not totally impossible for a plants buds to do something like this but just not this particularly this plant!.

There is only one scientifically one marijuana species that really can do this and its in the Hawaiian Indica P.E. pink flamingo strains but they a super very rare in finding seeds of this type of plants.

Considering that there are well over 982 thousand marijuana strain species dating as far back since the dinosaurs!.

So it’s not totally impossible but just that its not this particular species of marijuana plant that they are talking about here in the video.

I myself have been working on back engineering genetically this particular species that I have just talked about but just not therejas of just yet scientifically and have devoted my whole lifes work into genetically creating this particular varietie species of this marijuana plant.

I have pictures of my plants and I have videos of it to prove it.

This is a Marijuana Hawaiian Indica Super Hybrid P.E. Pink flamingo strain #4468


Where could I get pink flamingo seeds at and thanks for your information