This ain't your daddy's MJ

So tried a bit of my harvest, from a small bud I cut a 10 days ago to check trichomes. Holy Batman! This is not the same stuff I smoked in high school or college days. I apparently was smoking ditchweed back in the day.
I will admit, back in the day was a long time ago, lol. In high school we would share two joints between two or four peeps. I only had 4 water pipe hits, wife the same, last night. She forgot her name and where we live. I don’t even remember who I smoked with. Christ almighty!
I might be, No, I am too old for this sh&t!
What in Gods name happened in the last 40 years?


Improvement @Rocketman :+1: :kangaroo:


Science! I had a similar experience, but only over 20 years difference. Good stuff :+1:

Could say the same. I literally hated MJ in school, I would never get a good high or it was to the extreme. Now there’s so much information and it’s pretty accurate for what you can expect to experience. A little goes a long way now, we’ll until your used to it :joy:.

@Rocketman, what strain? Sounds fun…

What is the strain?

I didn’t use MJ in high school either as it stank and looked awful ‘cause it was Mexican brick weed.

The Hindu Kush/Afgoo I grow and use now is night and day different

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Lol. Ha! This is a common experience!

I see this a lot

It’s a photo sour diesel variety from ILGM

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I apparently should have left it in flower a little longer

Oh well, hopefully I’ll have some very greatful friends, as I will be giving most of it away. Wife and I will probably not smoking too much, especially after our first experience in several years.

Just smoke less!