Pic of I think girls

New to all of this. Here is my first attempt. I may have let them go too long. Hopefully you can tell from pics. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated.

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One more pic different strain

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Are they trying to go to seed?

I have one similar to second photo on that one it’s female parts calyxes not seeds.

Not sure why it looks like this just that some seeds will say mutate and do wierd things I’m growing mine out to see what happens. Good luck with yours

Strange leaf numbers too all the way up the plant

You got a couple weeks to go

Find a good bloom booster to bulk those goes up the next few weeks!

Beastie blooms is decent along with bud candy.

Or make your own Guano back strap molasses mix

kinda looks like a reveg or something i know what you mean

I’ve been using chaching which is after beastie blooms and still this but I’m still going

Is Blood Meal good too?

Judging by the single finger leaves coming out all over she seems to be revegging

The second picture looks like it might be foxtailing some . I say let them grow .

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Appreciate comment, but not sure what foxtailing is…good or bad?

So just let her go? Not sure what causes revegging. I just hope it isn’t bad. I will find something to read about that. Thanks!

Wow, your plant is a lot bigger than mine. I hope she does good for you!

Mine is big but fluffy she started out wierd with stacked calyxs instead of clusters. It’s just now starting to fill out I just hope I can keep it alive long enough for it to get solid