My auto is not turning hermie

It can’t be just can’t. I see a hair coming out. Just curious what it is.

Those are the female flowers, it’s starting to bud

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Did you not know what a female, male, or hermie plant are?

Yes and since I am flowering I knew I was female and not male so the female creating seeds syndrome is what I was trying to avoid.

Oh ok, I was confused by the title.

I’m still learning so there could be gaps in my terminology/learning

Ok I was wondering, it may benefit you to read through the journals and read up on sex of the plants to get a better understanding and knowledge on the subject.

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Gratz on the lack of male flowers!

The second photo has the leaves looking a little too dark green, the tips turning down…Whatcha feeding her?

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The tips are starting to show a little burning as well

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Oh I’m a mess with nutes. I tried then burned her then have just given ph water last feeding. I’m embarrassed to say she actually looks better than a few days ago.

What brand of nutrients are you using and at what strenght?

I’m not embarrassed to say…been there, done that, I actually like a little burn on the tip, lol

You got this under control, @Hawkeye_diesel

calmag and I have fox farm ocean Forrest in the pot and also sometimes I give it dynagrow for veg 7-9-5
But tried some photosynthesis plus but like I said I spooked myself after the burn incident and now it’s calmag ph water

The ffof should have enough nutrients in the soil until you start to transition into flower


You have a girl…


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