Photo vs. auto germination

Been growing for just a little over a year with auto flowers exclusively. I would guess that success rate from seed to harvest is 50% about 70% the last grows with auto and pushing 2.75 oz. clean bud per plant. All seeds come from I❤️GM. Not so much for Guarantee but for this forum they provide. I claim warranty only 2 times since I am a novice and I❤️GM more than generous with me when filed a claim.

I bought some God Father OG photos and got nothing to grow only had 2 seeds open but no tap root. Couldn’t get the seeds to germinate. I just got some Grand dad purple photo soak 2 one opened the other is cracking open.Only after adding peroxide after 3 days. I transferred to damp napkin plastic baggie, placed on top of hot water heater in dark basement. It not that hot on top of water heater, I have a seed mat but it will burn the napkin baggie deal.

In the past this is what I have done till I get a good inch root before transferring to Dixie cup under an HLG 65 with 7k par. I used Fox Farm ocean soil but not for seedlings. I use last grow soil that has been flushed 10 gal water for 3 gallon pot. Use distilled water on seedlings no nukes.

Question? Are photos seeds harder to germinate than autos ? I have 18 GD a purple left don’t want to loose all of these. The cloning sounds easier.

Thanks appreciate all the past info.

Happy New Year

I don’t seem to have a higher fail rate from auto to photo but have gone to a few drops of peroxide in my little shot glasses when germinating. I don’t wait for an inch tail though, that seems like an excessive use of the seedling’s energy wasted looking for a place to hook in.

My latest Bruce Banner auto.


Get some fox farm happy frog soil, and solo cups. Moisten the soil, and fill the solo cup. Plant the seed directly into the soil (not very deep), spray a little water on it to settle the seed, and stick a baggie over the top to make a little greenhouse. Keep it warm, and it should break ground in about 3 or 4 days. Stick it under your light on low power, and don’t water until dry. Works every time for me.


Make sense what your saying. I’ll transfer over to cup tonite. OMG Bruce Banner last grow. Wow!!! talk about couch lock. More like Comatose.

Thanks FOD. Sorry to hear Kevin Costner leaving Yellowstone.

Happy New Year.

I’ll go that route. Checked out your prior posts and that GDP you had in Bud Porn ? OMG that was a Bud.
Switching from Fox Farms Trio to Gaia Green coming, was going to use Earth Dust but not around anymore.

Thanks Dexterado.

Happy New Year!!!

The first 3 godfather og seeds that I planted had no issues whatsoever germinating and none growing. Planting directly in soil is a more foolproof way and you get the plant above ground faster

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No problem. Got a colorful gorilla glue auto right now about two weeks out.


Think I must have gotten this wrong from the start. Looking back I think the GFOG that did open soaking in water, the tap root brownish instead of white. Maybe it was dying when I put in soil.
A friend gave me a small amount of this strain and it was real potent

Thanks Bro.

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Agree,I do mostly Autos…Last season I did a Photo Romulan and didn’t notice any difference in the germination of the two…I also use a lil Peroxide in the water to fend off bacteria and also do not wait for the inch tail thing…I just plant when I see a tap root…The seedling will do its thing!


I transplanted the GDP last night with 1/4 tap root. The Cotyledons were white last night a nice light green at 7 am with just 3 hrs. light last night. :grin:. Put the baggie over the cup nice condensation on the inside.
The other I planted just barely cracking see a little white but no tap root.
Thanks for the response, not only for the advice, music catalog getting a little stale. I down loaded some Al Green to play while I get the 4x4 ready. Haven’t heard “Let’s Stay Together” since ?
Know an argument can be made or not if Dank was better in the 70s but the music of 60s and 70s no comparison. Some good Hippie Stick and Let’s Stay Together🎶 sounds like my New Year night.
Miss those Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, and the primo was Hawaiian sinsemilla strains where I live. Now I got a grow tent in basement with LEDs, charcoal filter fans, all this metering apparatus and been struggling getting a seed to germinate.

I have probably lost 50 seeds and say that’s very conservative last 9 months. I got 17 Blue Dream autos and 18 GDP photos seeds left with yours and other advice on this forum have to invest in some grow shades future is looking BRIGHT!!!

Stay safe Man. Nothing good happens after midnight.

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Transferred GDP last night, the Cotyledons were white last night with 3 hours of light left for the day. This morning I checked and the Cotyledons are a nice light green.

Thanks again

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LOL no worries. and yea the plants love a lil Al Green…Teddy Pendergrass, Barry White, Sam Cook,Billy Stewart, Otis Redding ,Alexander O`neal…and of course Elvis…LOL…Plants love music of all genres!

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