These auto seed roots?

No they’re not!! Right off the start I wish I can post the video i got. It looks interesting to say the least. This is what happens if you try starting a seed in saturated soil. These are white fly larva eating the seed from within. This was a Bruce Banner that sadly didn’t have a chance. But a good learning experience. I used a soil that I left it in the rain. I thought I let it dry out enough but I was wrong. I also kept a humidity dome on it witch didn’t help the situation. Only kept it really wet. I want to share the video but not sure how.

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Welcomed to the community @GrassMan420

How long the was soak on water?

Well this happened about a month ago. But the soil was really wet. I could grab a handful and squeeze water from it. I should have mixed it with a dry medium or let it dry out a lot more then I did.

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But after about 10 days of the seed sitting in soil is when I decided to dig it up and inspect it.

Sorry I read to fast
You try to germinate the seed from soil
With that method for new growers is hard
I will recommended soak with peroxide
And paper tower method

the soil was infested with insects from being outside?

Or I do this way
Soak for 3 days my seeds in darkness warm place in water with peroxide drops and a soon I see 1/4 of the tail I move to they final pots

That’s on autos seeds, I’m in autoflower seeds


@Mefis that is me now also. 100% on last 12 . Everything in Earth Dust. Was nowhere near that other ways. Just me.

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That could be. It was the last of the bag and it was really wet. I ended up using the same soil but I let it dry out and also added a little bit of perlite and cocoa mix to it. To absorb more moisture. I started up another Bruce banner. This one sprouted. Haha

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