Ph up and Ph Down

Hey guys! I have a quick question! Why do people say no Ph up or Ph down?? Was used. Im used Dwc hydrponic system. And i use ph down all the time in my 5 gallon buckets of water. Is it bad to use ph down in your hydroponic bucket? Do people say you need to use 5.5 ph water off the bat no ph at all? Does ph effect the plant?? Is ph up and down good for hydroponic?? Im confused i thought u need ph down in ur water to keep it at 5.5 for hydro. But people keep aaying no nutes added or ph?? What does that mean and what is the diff between using ph in ur water and not using ph water??

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I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say no ph up/down other than organic grows.


Ohhhh im confusing my self so organic grows are for people who add nothing but soil to plant??

So its okay to use ph down and ph up in hydroponic bucket?? O just heard dont use alot cause it can mess with roots

Just use enough to get your ph in the correct range.


Also if they were talking about Reverse Osmosis, you can’t get an accurate pH without something dissolved in it 1 st.

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@borialis thanks for that tip… i was curious my bottled spring water fluctuates