PH Down from Amazon?

Do you all use a certain product to lower the PH of your water? I use FFOF soil and I’d like to lower the PH of my local water to see if it helps my plants to flourish more than they have been. My local water measures out at about 7.2 (average reading). I have some "PH Down’ on the way… anyone else use that product? If so how much do you use per gallon? Thanks!

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This one? I use this. Works good;


As @emgoldslo I like the general hydroponics an u can get a small kit of up an down


That’s the one I use @emgoldslo it works great . I use 2 ml per gallon to ph my water to 6.5 my water is 7.6 out of the faucet


Is it safe for my plants to use white vinegar to bring the PH down?

Or would PH Down be just as effective?

PH down is easier but a little more expensive. Our tap water PH runs between 7-8. Depending on how much water you are adjusting will depend on how much. Trial and error works great. The stuff is strong, so a little goes a long way. Also, your feed in many cases lowers the water PH considerably, so I would mix the feed first and measure PH before using PH down, or PH up whatever the case might be.


What jetlag said. I only really need it for veg. My water is the same pH as yours and the perfect balance of flower nutes always sets me between 6.2-6.6

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I use this exact item and works good for me. What I did learn, a little goes a long way, just the supplies idropper. Take a little getting use to but works good for me.

Exactly. and remember to check TDS. My grow now is going great by following some simple rules.

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