pH testing don't know

What is a good pH tester for me to order

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Any digital one that you can calibrate.

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I use a phelp, have had it for almost a year now , no issues, u do get what u pay for , stay away from the yellow ones on Amazon

Is that good?

Think i paid 40 dollars

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So the one I showed is no good?

Depends on your pocket book. Buy cheap,
get cheap. Apera pH20 is the one I use. I wasn’t going to break the bank because I don’t worry about pH. Never have…it works for Mother Nature and she don’t test. :joy::joy::joy:

I wouldn’t buy it

Do I really don’t need one?

Yes, and get a ppm meter and some ph up and down

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It helps with identifying problems and what not. I know what my water pH is NOW. I didn’t know before and I suspected it was high…up to 8.7 pH.

But I break every growing rule you can think of and zero problems. I’m @MrPeat and I grow Super Monsters indoors and I would stack my quality against anyone in the World. I’m confidant.

So Mr. Peat what do I actually need? pH tester? And does that work in soil and water?

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Apera makes a good pH meter and also blue lab. I think both around fifty bucks. I do recommend buying a good pH meter you’re not going to be chasing the calibration. My apera ph60 come with buffer solution to calibrate with.

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U can buy a cheaper ppm meter off Amazon

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I use a cheap one too, it gets the job done.