pH Testing and Equipment

Hello everyone! My first new topic here and I’ve got a question as to what testing instrument I would need to check my plants run off pH and how to properly adjust.
So, I’ve got some feminized Banana Kush on the way as of today! I was super hesitant to purchase seeds but because of YOU and all the wonderful reviews I’ve read. I bought them! So anyways they’re on the way and I’m excited to start growing them! But until then I’ve been practicing with several random bag seeds, and seed starting soils vs a mix between Miracle-Gro garden soil and perlite ect… think I’ve got my soil mix where I’d like it but now I want my new banana kush plants to have everything the plant wants. So I want to learn about testing the pH and what equipment would be best for me.
Thanks in advance! BoilerGuy

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Leave the Miracle Grow at the store. Miracle Grow and cannabis don’t get along too well.

Many folks prefer Apera instruments for quality and reliability, but there are less expensive options out there that I’m sure someone will come along and point out.


pH tester, I upgraded after a few uses of the 20 dollar one, it also come calibrated ( at least mine did)

You will need pH up and down.

And this ppm tester for runoff

You will need a loop too

I bought this too keep me from second guessing my watering


Welcome to the forum! Your excitement will only grow as you get into it. I highly recommend you read this thread, I have followed his method and very happy with my results so far.

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Wow that’s really helpful! THANKS!! Man, I’ve been so back and fourth with the Miracle-Gro. Heard good and bad from it but I know now that I’m talking with the right people now though so sounds like I should be getting some Happy Frog soil and some extra perlite. :heavy_check_mark: I really can’t wait for ILGM Banana Kush seed arrive! Definitely want to treat them right throughout the entire grow.

I heartily endorse this policy.

Here’s the deal: Miracle Gro has capsules of concentrated fertilizer that sits in the soil until wet at which point it nukes the plant. Plus as the soil is used the PH crashes to around 2.5 from a cannabis-friendly 6.5: and remember that every .1 PH difference is 10 TIMES. You want media (soil) that is buffered to maintain a fairly neutral PH for cannabis to be able to absorb nutrients correctly. Having a PH meter helps too although nutrient solutions aren’t generally strong enough to affect soil PH. You CAN grow in MG: but unless you know what you are doing you will at best end up with a harsh smoking flower. Better to get a feel for the rhythm of cannabis growing before jumping in THAT end of the pool haha.


So obviously when I get my testing equipment I’ll be able to track and trend what’s going on. Because I don’t know day to day if I should be adding nutes or trying to get rid of them with my current setup… now by using a good soil, will I even need to add nutrient supplements?

The more I read through Hellraiser’s grow the more questions he’s already answered. Great advice and thank you guys! I plan on getting the rest of the equipment I need and some Happy Frog soil before the ILGM Banana Kush seeds arrive and starting a new topic/grow that I’d like to keep posted and updated for everyone to watch and help me out!


Tag us with the @ sign, you can create a grow journal :grinning:

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@Zee ohhhhh nice!! Ya definitely wanna keep you guys posted so I can hopefully receive so advice along the way and I think it’d be super fun. I just started a new topic ( troubleshooting without all the information)

You got it. You can set to watch threads to. Here is some inspiration for you. Am on day 27, new grower, and excited as much as you’re. I followed hellraisers guide step by step, from seed germinating to now. Like I mentioned happy with results.

@Zee Wow! They sure look healthy to me for day 27! Hellraiser’s got some serious information that I will continue to read over. This place is great!!! :grin::grin:

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If you start with good soil and good water you can essentially do most if not all of your grow without supplements. Caveat: cannabis is a hungry plant and some cultivars are hungrier than others. Watching and monitoring your plants and dealing promptly with any issues is the way to go.

Happy Frog is Ocean Forest mixed with perlite. So you can start with OF and add about 25% perlite for the same result. Plant in HF and transplant into OF.


Can someone explain why I would need that 3-in-1 TDS meter if I get the pH pen and pay attention to the plants pH throughout the entire grow? I kinda understand how it works as I work on boilers and the conductivity of the water is pretty important in most process steam applications. I might just get it to check my own tap water too. What’s your thoughts?


couple years back grow! Gets me going!! I’m excited for this all to come together this year!

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Am going to tell you to listen to a more experienced grower. The pH in is great, what you put in, is what you should get out, right? That’s not true when you add soil and nutes into the equation. The TDS meter is to give you data. Reading it will tell you, should I skip a nutes feeding, am I feeding to much, should I flush to prevent build ups.

You’re talking about that soil moisture, PH and light meter for $6 at the HD? Worthless.

If you’re talking about that 3 in 1 meter, yes it’s worthless. I thought you were talking about a runoff tester.

I’m talking about the above Amazon product you @Zee mentioned yesterday. This thing… TDS Meter Digital Water Tester, Lxuemlu Professional 3-in-1 TDS,… 1

What would I do with it?
Wait… So like you said… it determines when and when not to feed nutes… all while maintaining the comfortable 6.5pH ??

@BoilerGuy. Do you actually work with boilers? If so the water chemistry you use there is the same stuff your measuring here. Only instead of feedwater and condensate eing a 9 to 10 ph, you want 6.5 or so. Measure same as boiler. As for tds, you should be measuring that o feedwater as well. Same thing, you got a max number you dont want to go over.

That help? Or does your name have nothing to do with boilers. Lol

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