Ph question.. nutrients threw PH off

Hey guys, so I noticed something today while feeding my girls… 1 of my girls are about 2 and a half weeks in flower and I was using Bergmans flower boots nutrients and a little bit of the bloom nutrients and a tiny bit of calmag… before I added nutrients my water was 5.95 around about. After the nutrients I checked it and it was 5.04… should I still feed? Should I use ph up? I already used PH down on the 2 gallons to lower it from my tap. Thanks for any help guys

The last thing before you water any solution is to PH then. Doing it before adding anything is just a waste of time.

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Add ph after mixing nutrients.
Ph preference is between 6.2 - 6.8 for cannabis

I would ph up, let it set an hour, check ph again and adjust if necessary then feed

I replace ph meters often, at least once every 2months. They can go bad easy over a short time

Just remember for next time to allow for PH reduction when adding nutrients. I am a little anal (probably more than little) I PH 2 or three times. First just the tap water. then I add PH adjustment based on this reading and water volume. I only mix nutrients in a separate container based on how much I need. PH this mix. PH ± this mixture and take it again to make sure I am in range. I usually only need 2 gallons of nutrient mix at a time. If I needed more I would probably do it differently

Bro… I’m on my 3rd… I also bought 30 ph caliber solution packets this time around. The first one was terrible and then the second I dropped in a 2 gallon jug. The 3rd has been perfect