pH good, ppm good, leaves drooping. Help!

Been using the following system for a year now and I don’t usually run into issues. This little girl is about 8 weeks from seed in DWC using GH Flora series. I usually only use a 2.5 gallon pail with air stones, 5000mL per bucket. PPM ~860 (7 week mark on GH chart), pH 6.0 today, temperature in tent is 23 degrees. Medium is Grodan and clay pebbles. Was droopy a few days ago and my pH was off by two points I corrected it, had a good day and now this. Starting to flower, so I’d like to save it!

Any thoughts?

Overall it looks ok to me.
It is pretty hard to get good oxygenation past 21.1c. even though the range is usually agreed on 18.3-26.7c. I run at 19.4c.

I see. It’s not a recirculating system, so I’ll see if I can increase air flow in the tent. Ambient in the house during the day is 21. Like I said, it’s the first one out of many that is giving me a problem that I can’t pin down to something measurable. Thank you for the advice @Reticence.

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Make sure air stone is still good as new or replace.

Make sure water level is 2" below net pot.

Either of those can cause drowning by not letting plant get enough oxygen at roots.

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Whats your Rez temp? Have you checked for root rot? She def looks like she’s suffocating

I’ve actually changed my reservoir and reconfigured things a little bit to provide her with more water/food, which resulted in less labile pH. I did 24 hours of 1/3 less nutes and then resumed where I left off. I’ve also increased the air flow in the tent.

She looks to be about 75-80% happier now.
Recirculating my water and cooling it is a small challenge, but I’m increasing it in my priority on my wish lists.


Yeah seems like you got it figured out. She looks much better :+1: