Drooping leafs?

These leaves seem to drop a lot more then other few grows I’ve done. Any thoughts? They seem to have enough water but this is my first time using fabric pots. Any input would help. They might even be fine could just me the genetics. It’s GSC extreme auto. Temp 72 humidity 60% good air flow. 5 gal pot. 2 mars hydro tsw2000. 8ftx4ft tent.


Hmmm… Definitely not the strains genetics

I see you gave temp and RH but what was the high/low’s over the last couple days?

What’s ppm run off? PHing correctly and waiting for chlorine to evaporate 24hr before feeding room temp water?


I was gonna say check ph as well especially if you’re feeding nutes, as she does look a lil bit lighter and faded green than what I’m used too seeing but I am not too familiar with the strains growing style so take this with a grain of salt my friend!!


Agreed I was thinking the same thing about the lighter green but the one picture out of the tent shows darker green so not sure if it was tent lighting or what was going on there.

Also good call, are they getting nutes? Is this soil or coco? What’s the feed situation.
I’m googling the lights…

Thanks for reply and highs and lows 65-72 and not sure of ppm but I try and stay around 6.5 ph. If I don’t use bottled water I do wait 24 on tap.

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They might be hungry if you don’t know your ppm’s that’s where I’m starting to lean


Soil coast of Maine mix with black gold. and fox farm trio and got cal mag and pk boost near by. And seems day after watering they’ll perk up for bout day or so the. Droop. But soil still very moist so idk if I should water.

What should I look for on run off ppm

What time of the the light cycle? Just before lights out? Just after lights on?

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Lights on. There all autos I’m doin 20 on 4 off. Prob last time doing autos for while

That can be a very complicated question to be honest as ppm can be altered depending on what type of minerals it’s detecting and everyone has a different idea of what ppm should be given.
But this will give you a basic idea until you do some of your own research.
it’s important to know what type of nutes your feeding/medium your growing in (and its add tattling point)

Here are two examples Fig-1

Also those lights seem like they should grow but I don’t know how well as I steer clear from marshydro but 600w in a 8x4 /300w in two 2x4 seems sufficient if they are efficient but I don’t know their PPFD ratings.

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When mine looked like that she was just thirsty for some water and hour later she looked great happened several times two I thought she was watered enough but I guess she wasn’t. But that was in the sunshine so this whole indoor thing is very new to me also

Just after they come on? Or all the time?

@blackthumbbetty all the time
@Nicky thanks for chart and input

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The best way to tell if your cloth potted plants need water is to lift it. When it’s dry it’ll be really light, when it’s fully saturated it’ll be heavy. Do this on a regular basis and you’ll know when to water.

Cloth pots take a little getting used to. If you just dump a bunch of water in, a lot of it will just run out the sides. You have to water slow, wait a few min, water slow, wait etc.

Also don’t water cannabis like a house plant. Unless you’re in living soil it’s more of a drought/flood method. Water fully until you get runoff from the bottom, then let it get almost dry before watering again. Depending on conditions this could take 4-7days. Do NOT add a little water every day or two.

Cannabis on a regulated light schedule will begin to droop about 30 min before the lights go out. This is normal.


Good points for sure.
You do add just a little water every day or Evey 2 days but just until seedlings grow up into plants and can handle being flushed (your plants are clearly not in this category now though).
Also watering in a ring around the seedlings helps promote root growth outward to get larger roots.

That happened to me for a little bit until I realize the temperatures at the floor level we’re too cold at night getting down to 59 60 degrees and once I increase the temps up to 72 degrees at the root Zone the leaves started turning up. Not sure if that’s your case I’m just telling you what my case was. Good luck and happy growing.


Are they droopy after you water them ? Cuz that’s pretty typical. Are you letting them dry out a bit between waterings?

Update: gallon per plant and they sprung right back. Guess I’m just not use to cloth pots yet!


I told you they just take a little getting used to. Glad you figured it out.