PH and flush with distilled water

First thanks to all, think I’ve found problem befrore it got completely out of control.
Straight Distilled water PH—6.9- PPM 002
Added 1-1/2 teaspoons of Lotus Bloom to distilled water bam
PH—went from 6.9–5.15. PPM 002–426
Added 1/4 teaspoon lotus Boost PH 5.15–5.20
Added bout 1/2 teaspoon Lotus Cal-Mag
PH—5.20- to 5-14.
After all added to gallon distilled water
PH—- 5.14
PPM— 792
I’m growing in 3 gallon cloth pots .
Here’s new ??? Anyone think just one gallon distilled water at 6.9 PPM will be enough to flush out . So I can start feeding the girls correctly with proper PH???


You can’t pH adjust distilled or reverse osmosis water the readings will be false. There isn’t enough conductivity. Flush with pH’d tap water until you correct pH and then feed right after. It will be a LOT of water in soil. I’d bet 30 gallons. Flushing with distilled or RO will just flush the nutrients out will not correct pH, because it will take on the pH of the medium.

Use cal-mag prior to any other nutrients you are running. I’m not familiar with the line so maybe someone else will comment.

It also looks like you are already getting support in a pre existing topic…


Low pretty much has you covered. Don’t even bother checking ph of distilled watee until you get your solution mixed, then adjust to proper ph.


So i think some misunderstood what you was asking.

I think you was asking, can you flush the pots with 1gal of distilled water which is ph neutral at 7 (6.9)
As stated you cant ph balance distilled as theres nothing in it to get a reading on, but i don’t believe this is what you meant.

But you can pour the distilled in without trying to adjust the ph with no issues.

The question is will 1gal flush the pot, and I’d first have to ask why you want to flush?
Are you trying to correct ph only or do you want to remove excess nutrients from the pots aswell?

If you’re just trying to correct ph you may just need to start watering/feeding at the correct ph.

If run-off ppm are high and a flush is needed, 1gal probably want do it…

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March 10 was this thread
This is April 15

gonna cut them in week,
What I did was added fertilizer/ etc.
Then adjusted PH up to about 6.9 ish and used 3 gallons divided between 4 plants IlGM super skunk photoperiod plants little bit last.
Anyway my PH was way off beginning mistakes and I wasn’t giving enough water.
So add fertilizer
Then adjust PH
And every 3 days 3 gallons water in stead of quart every 2 days I’m learning, hope this helps another beginner some.


Ill have plants going through a gallon of water a day during the summer months. Thats about 50 gallons a week lol

Absolutely will :+1:
Love seeing them successful follow-ups, feels good to fix your plants and learn new stuff doesn’t it :grin: