Pests or killer before I start spraying or picking

Through my daily inspection I noticed a couple new comers moved in. Was wondering what they were if anyone knows or could help.

Also might be the correct thread but gonna try knock two birds one stone. On one of my lower buds there’s what looks to be a speck of purple in the bud and on one of the sugar leafs. Is this early sign of bud rot? The past week the humidity has been through the roof and rainy with the passing of henri.


Looks like you got a spider of some kind, which is much better than spider mites, but I’d get rid of it or you’ll have a bunch of web covered buds.

The coloring does not look like bud rot, just looks like natural genetic coloring coming into play.

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@Hellraiser thanks for the quick feedback. I guess it’s time to pull the tweezers out. He’s a quick little bugger. Haha.
Well that would be a nice surprise about the purple buds. As I really don’t know what genetics I’m playing with since I just took a shot with a bag seed. I’ve had it so long I forgot what it was. Here’s a couple pictures of other buds from the same plant. She’s probably somewhere around her third week into flower. It’s amazing what a good sunny day does. She definitely filled in a decent amount in a guy day.