Pest Identification

Hey all,
I had an annoying fruit fly problem for a few weeks and wound up seeing these frosty white spots on some leaves but didn’t make much of it at the time. I’ve just now discovered these tiny larvae crawling on affected leaves.
As well as the frost spots on the tops of leaves there are areas mostly on the undersides with patches of little black dots.

Can anyone help me id these suckers?
Fruit fly larvae is my theory.
What sort of threat level are we talking here? About 10% of leaves are affected.
What should I do?

I always pluck a few and jar them for ID purposes. I use Capt Jack’s dead bug but neem oil is always my first applicant because I always have some lol. I can’t tell by larvae what it is but I’d begin with neem on the plant and then peroxide and water mix (1part perox-4 part water) to kill larvae in the soil then diatomaceous earth covering the top of your soil to kill any crawling around on the surface. Then if that doesn’t work apply Bti.

A quick google search on the white frosty leave spots has narrowed it down for me… Thrips.
Neem oil, I got some with the used grow equipment I got… But never used.
Do you mix it about 1tsp to a liter of water? Then indescriminate spray the whole plants or just the affected areas?

Thrips wasvmy leaning based on the black pin holes but wasn’t 100%. What brand is your been oil? It should have mix ratio on it. I buy premix 3-2-1. Spray all over especially underside. I do it before lights out because it is an oil and will sun burn your leaves.

What age is the plant, is it flower yet?, I have been told not to use neem oil if in flower,I did a peroxide and water spray, then 5 days later hit with captain jacks dead bug. @Myfriendis410 might have some insight on this

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@Tinman is correct. Do not use neem on flowering plants.

Peroxide then capt jacks or Spinosad, (I use the Monterey garden insect spray). Several applications usually do the trick.

Definitely thrips. Spray with a 50/50 mix of 3% peroxide and distilled water. Allow to dissipate for 24 hours then apply either ‘Safer’ brand ‘Caterpillar Killer’ or ‘Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew’. Allow to stand for 5 days then repeat. If you have pests plan on always having pests and treat accordingly.

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@Drinkslinger @Tinman

I moved these plants into a flower tent so they are all begged, will begin transitioning to flower.

But I already had some plants in the flower tent that are 3 weeks in and forming some early buds.

I assume it’s ok to spray neem oil in the tent if I am only directing it to the new nonflower plants.

I’m obviously troubled by the fact that I now have introduced a new pest into the flower tent…


I like this approach. Is the safer stuff you mention called Safer’s BTK? Home Depot has it in stock in Canada and it’s affordable. Captain Jack’s is oddly hard to find online for Canada and costs more. I don’t see thrips listed on the product description though, thoughts on that?

Also, what do you think about neem oil, should I stick to your program or is it an all hands on deck sort of attitude I should be having?

Word, thanks guys. Growing quality bud isn’t always sunshine and lollipops but I’m confident I’ll get through this. It’s not a wild infestation and I think I’ll get it tackled before any crazy damage is done (at least to the dwc plants already flowering in the tent!!)

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I washed my harvest just to make sure

Yes, you can spray neem in the same tent with other plants. Just try not to get it on the buds. It will make them taste horrible.

Don’t put more neem in the solution than they recommend. It can clog your leaves. It will also take multiple applications.

That’s the stuff.

Not a fan. I can do the same job with peroxide and Captain Jack’s and no residue.


I will post this in my thread regarding spinoza, but here in CA the dispensaries a=re considering Spinosad, as bad.

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I had looked into this and referenced a scholarly paper on the subject. It’s around here somewhere.

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