Pat on the Back or Kick up the A**. You decide

Hi there guys I’d like to run a few Pics by the more experienced in the Forum for an attaboy or advice where needed.
This is a English Cheese Auto grown from seed in a Basic store bought compost in a small Tent on a 20/4 Light Cycle. Originally under 2xT5 Flourescents she’s now under a 400W Metal Halide. Temp around 30C / 85F and around 50% RH. I have been giving it PH 6.5 Water and gave her a first very light feed yesterday. Here is a series of Pics to show progress and I’d appreciate any and all advice. I have a Simple Mind so please keep all advice to the Level of teaching a 5 year old.
I Germinated between two sheets of always damp Kitchen Paper, potted after 2 days. First broke soil 3 days later. Transplanted into a 3 Gallon pot when ready… Number of Days starts from first time it appeared above the soil.

13 Days

18 Days

22 Days

After I took that shot I decided to try FIMing the Lead shoot and cut it along the dotted line leaving all the leaves intact. I also removed the bottom 2 shoots that were falling under the shade of the upper leaves.

OK go for it guys and Please… As the Actress said to the Bishop… Be Gentle with me!


Well just my two cents, but that looks an awful lot like a healthy cannabis plant. The nodes appear to be developing in the correct locations. There’s no sign of any disease, pests, or deficiencies my eye can detect. Is this baby going to get to see daylight and fresh air or is she strictly an indoor kind of gal?


Looks good for sure.

I might suggest not doing any more pruning as auto’s don’t have enough time to keep recovering from pruning. Personally, I’d just let it grow.

But again, looks great.

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Yeah. What @Matthew420 said about pruning. didn’t realize she was an auto until that comment.

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Also, if you can knock about 10 degrees off the high temp that would be great. If you can.

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Thanks Guys, I pruned because I want to get a Bushier plant. Last try (my first) I got a long stringy plant that didn’t produce much. I think that’s me finished with the shears.
@Willd She’ll be indoors all her short life… I Live in Ireland where it’s a Hanging Offence to know what Cannabis is never mind having the Audacity to think about growing a weed in your back garden.
@Matthew420 I figured it was a bit hot in there and am putting a 4 inch extraction fan on top of my tent to draw off some hot air and try and get the Temp under control.
Cheers Lads.:wink: